Friday, October 02, 2015

The Future Sound Of London - Archived 8 (2015)

The Future Sound of London's long and varied history stretches back almost 25 years and as such a vast amount of unreleased material exists in the FSOL Archives. Archived 8 brings together another 12 such tracks; in some cases these are completed but unreleased songs from that time, in others the songs have been reconstructed or enhanced and then further mixed to form the journey. This album is not just a collection of random off-cuts. It is a fully realised album, worthy of sitting alongside the rest of the band's critically acclaimed work.

01. Sorrow 3:53 
02. Acturum Esse 4:06 
03. Blue Green 2:53 
04. Crawler 3:56 
05. Forlorn 4:34 
06. Haloi Slope 4:22 
07. Unfurl 1:40 
08. Still Motion 5:05 
09. Plazmatical 3:48 
10. Spacial Freak 4:59 
11. Long Exposure 3:50 
12. Standing Room 6:13

Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to distribute their music via the internet, in 1994. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to use ISDN technology to transmit their music via the internet and also to radio stations across the world - a system that has now been adopted by the radio industry worldwide. 

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