Sunday, October 04, 2015

LIbrary Voices - Zzyzx

Zzyzx is part love song and part ode to a strange little place in the middle of Mojave desert. A radio evangelist and self-proclaimed doctor who started a squat in the desert, recruited homeless people from LA to build a 60 room mineral spa, church, radio station to broadbast his rants, plus an airstrip called Zyport. He named the place Zzyzx as it’s the last word in dictionary and aiming to be the ‘the last word in health’. It took nearly 10 years for the police to shut him down…
The band have been described as Surf guitar / indie pop and will be touring the UK in November this year to support the new record called ‘Lovish’, which follows from 2014’s record ‘For John’.
The new album "Lovish will be released on 6th November through Nevado REcords.