Thursday, October 01, 2015

Exploding Clouds

Hailing from Miami, Exploding Clouds is Michael Barksdale's synth-pop project. 

Exploding Clouds started as Barksdale's solo experimentations back in 2010 as an alternative to his darker alter ego, Culture Prophet. After many years of performing and producing with other bands and aliases, he decided to revisit his previous work and bring it back to life. Exploding clouds is about positivity, gazing into the horizon, and looking beyond what the eye can see. 
This 9 track EP features beautiful electronic ambient songs reminiscent of Tycho, Com Truise, Washed Out and Caribou.

Track list:
1) Drive the car
2) Climb Up
3) What we want
4) Space
5) Diving
6) Tigers
7) See Through
8) Spirituality
9) Credits

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