Thursday, October 01, 2015

Actual Crimes - 5 Songs

Formed in 2013, Actual Crimes are made up of Kirsty Fife and Aaron Batley (with Lenny Dutton-Williams playing bass until July 2015). 2014 and 2015 saw the band support a host of national and international DIY punk dreambabes including Perfect Pussy, SHOPPING, Trust Fund, Witching Waves, Good Throb, Street Eaters, Chain and the Gang and The Ethical Debating Society.
5 songs is a short, sharp burst of noisy pop songs mostly about intersections of class, gender, sexuality and trauma. The EP builds on the band’s first release (Cassette!), both of which were recorded in one day with Mark Jasper at Soundsavers studio in London.

5 songs is released on 19th October 2015 on Tunnel Visions. Tape pre-orders are available through Tunnel Visions and digital downloads and other merch are available through their Bandcamp (
Actual Crimes will play the following shows around the EP’s launch:
16th October – The Packhorse, Leeds with David Leach and others
20th October – Power Lunches, London – EP launch party with Big Joanie, The Ethical Debating Society and Black Fungus
4th November – The Lexington, supporting Trust Fund and Alimony Hustle
5. Tunnel Visions shop


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