Monday, September 28, 2015

The Striders - The Secret Code From Planning Department

In 2005 the Danbury Connecticut band The Striders released their first album "The Secret​-​Code from Planning Department." It sold out at shows and affected the local scene forever.  Now 10 years later ObscureMe brings out and dusts off the local favorite for a digital re-release, which the band has decided to give away for free.  

The album consists of dreamy pop--catchy and spastic--songs (almost bubble gum pop).  Their sound evolved since into a much more lush and experimental sound. But they always kept the same 'fun' sound.  The band got the album title from a poorly translated Japanese t-shirt.  

The Striders went on to play many shows and release another EP till their break up in 2009.  There are unreleased and unheard tracks from their final recording session.  Jayson and Travus will be remixing and mastering them for a release in 2016.  There has been no talk about a reunion.   

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