Friday, September 25, 2015

Kissing Party - Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating

My new favourite band.

 Tired of Ty Segal? Bored with Beck? Wanna slit your wrists at the thought of another Jack White album...

From the Mile High City comes Kissing Party, your new favourite band whether you like it or not.

How much emotional weight can one impart in a two minute pop rock structure?
Such is the game Kissing Party plays, as sampled on their new album "Looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating'.

At the forefront of the 'Slop Pop' movement, Kissing Party is the sound of debt, regret, heartbreak, hair dye & Pennsylvania. This is the band's second release on Denver's Hot Congress Records (Denver, USA) available on CD, Vinyl, Cassette and download from 2nd November.

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