Monday, October 05, 2015

Andrew R. Burns And The Tropicanas

This is the lead track from the new EP by Livingston's finest Andrew R. Burns And The Tropicanas.
"Delaydeez" will be released on Flowers In The Dustbin on 18th October.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Soldiers Of Fortune

Soldiers Of Fortune began as an anti-band and since their creation have grown into one of the most recognized indie superbands around, combining members of powerhouses like Oneida, Chavez, and Interpol. On November 6 their debut full-length album Early Risers will be released via Mexican Summer and is available for pre-order now (links below). Today the band has shared the album’s newest single “Old Roman Wall” featuring Cass McCombs on Stereogum. The track is available to listen and share on YouTube and as an instant download with a pre-order of the album on iTunes or Amazon.

In the beginning, SOF’s only goal was to play a rare show every now and then that they could assault, terrorize, and shred, relying only on instinct, intuition and the chemistry of the band of brothers (bros if you will) in the moment of battle (show) - it was either sink or swim, or death before glory. However, after meeting with Keith Abrahamsson and learning what his label Mexican Summer was all about SOF conceded and signed a deal. Months later, in August, they were in an unfinished Gary’s Electric studio on the hottest three days of 2010, and somehow walked out of the studio with a 12” called Ball Strength.

Now here we are, another five years, very few shows, or LPs sold, later: in 2013 we got bamboozled by Keith into a SECOND recording sesh (WTF!?!), but this time we were offered "undisclosed" amounts of studio time alongside the usual "carte blanche". After three weeks we aborted EVERYTHING, took a six-month hiatus to get over our collective S.E.N.D. (Sophomore Effort Narcissism Disease), fell back in the studio, and recorded a dozen embryonic 'song ideas', rather than jams, over an afternoon. We then called up friends who know how to sing and finished up the damn thing in like three days.

The result is an LP we like to call EARLY RISERS, and beyond the core troupe consisting of Brad Truax (so many bands, but dude, Interpol?), Kid Millions (Man Forever, Oneida), Barry London (fuck yeah Oneida), Matt Sweeney (Chavez being his LEAST well-known operation should tell you something), Jesper Eklow (Meandering Tedium, sorry, Endless Boogie), Mike Bones already, and the elusive Papa Crazee (heavy early riser in team Oneida) we abused the superior vocal stylings of our Healer, Shaman and Answer CLARK "YEREMIAS" BRONSON, STEPHEN MALKMUS, CASS MCCOMBS, DAN MELCHIOR, ETHAN MILLER and MATT MCAULEY. This is the sound of utter confusion and unfocused tender hatred in song form. We have no idea if we even like it, but we definitely have no shame so here you are, crack Early Risers wide open and make up your own mind. We have no interest in knowing your opinion however, so keep it to yourself. Thank You.

Track List

01. Nails
02. Cinnamon Man
03. Campus Swagger (feat. Stephen Malkmus)
04. Old Roman Wall (feat. Cass McCombs)
05. Dog Tooth Down (feat. Ethan Miller)
06. Pure Shame (feat. Dan Melchior)
07. Santa Monica
08. Fatigues
09. Kall Mi Kaos (feat. Matt McAuley)
10. Which (feat. Clark "Yeremias" Bronson)

LIbrary Voices - Zzyzx

Zzyzx is part love song and part ode to a strange little place in the middle of Mojave desert. A radio evangelist and self-proclaimed doctor who started a squat in the desert, recruited homeless people from LA to build a 60 room mineral spa, church, radio station to broadbast his rants, plus an airstrip called Zyport. He named the place Zzyzx as it’s the last word in dictionary and aiming to be the ‘the last word in health’. It took nearly 10 years for the police to shut him down…
The band have been described as Surf guitar / indie pop and will be touring the UK in November this year to support the new record called ‘Lovish’, which follows from 2014’s record ‘For John’.
The new album "Lovish will be released on 6th November through Nevado REcords.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Amazons - Ultraviolet

Emerging Reading-based quartet The Amazons have unveiled a new video for their latest track‘Ultraviolet.’ The track has been debuted on Radio 1 by Huw Stephen (subbing for Annie Mac), and is the latest track released off their debut EP Don’t You Wanna? on 9th October, on their own label Goth Cruise Records. The Amazons will embark on their first headline UK tour this coming October.

The explosive track is led up by a pummelling drum beat, driven along with frontman Matt Thomson’s distinctive vocals. Overflowing with the dynamism of the band, ‘Ultraviolet’ projects the frustration feelings of late night tail-chasing, creating an instantly infectious, youthful sing-along inducing anthem.
The video for the track reflects the band’s own experience growing up in a small town, finding escape in music while stuck in their bedrooms. You can watch it here.

Since their arrival to a growing fan base with first demo ‘Something in the Water’ last year, The Amazons have quickly generated a zealous following. Their first single ‘Junk Food Forever’ received instant support from radio presenters  Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, and Jo Goods’ Shock of the New, as well as a featured slot on XFM’s ‘Songs of The Week’.

The track-listing for Don’t You Wanna? is:

Junk Food Forever
Millions (The Party)
Something In The Water
Don’t You Wanna? is produced & mixed by Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice, Foals, White Lies).
The Amazons kicked off 2015 by supporting The Kooks throughout Germany, and since have gone to play a string of festival dates, including an esteemed slot on BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival. The Amazons will close the year with a headline tour of the UK:
8th Oct   LEEDS, Oporto
9th Oct   NOTTINGHAM, Chameleon Arts Café,
10th Oct   MANCHESTER, Sound Control Bar
13th Oct    BRIGHTON, The Hope
14th Oct   LONDON, The Lexington
15th Oct   BRISTOL, The Louisiana
17th Oct   SOUTHHAMPTON, Lennons

The Amazons are: Matt Thomson (vocals and guitar), Chris Alderton (guitar), Elliott Briggs (bass) andJoe Emmett (drums).

David Cameron's Eton Mess

David Cameron's Eton Mess is a compliation of embryonic Scottish guitar bands, very few with any more than an EP or two available online. Most of the bands are friends and a lot of musicians feature on several of the album's tracks, one of the reasons why Song By Toad Records put the compliation together. Label owner Matthew Young explains "it feels like there's this pool of really talented musicians bubbling away and all sorts of excellent music is starting to emerge from the mix. Bands are forming, breaking up and starting again all the time. When you see a loose collection of bands connecting like this you never know what is going to happen. A few will disappear, some will do okay, some might pave the way for others, and a few of these bands could go on to do really well."

This album is a snapshot of a really exciting time in Scottish music. So many talented young musicians are starting to find their feet and their friendships and musical interactions are generating a palpable sense of anticipation and energy.

Friday, October 02, 2015

The Velvet Hands

This is a track from the debut single by The Velvet Hands which will be released on 5th October. They consist of Toby Mitchell (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Dan Able (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and have been knocking around since last year. From their website...

The Velvet Hands are Toby Mitchell and Dan Able accompanied by various of their compadres from the St Austell and Falmouth musiverse. The youthful scallywag duo first put pen to paper and plectrum to string in 2014 and The Velvet Hands were born. Brought up on a diet of Stones, Strokes, Beatles, Stone Roses and The Clash, the singer songwriter route was never going to be an option.
Spotted early in their career, The NME Radar section described them as "Full of bolchy spirit". South West's music Svengali Lee Trewhela described them as being; "in the grand tradition of great British bands like The Libertines and The Buzzcocks".
The band have performed at the Boardmasters Festival, Tall Ships Festival, Looe Festival and have supported Wild Smiles, Lost Dawn, Saturday Sun and The Bluetones. They have also recorded a session for BBC Introducing.
Their debut single release was recorded at Troubadour Studios in Falmouth, twiddling the knobs were Ben Woods from Lost Dawn and Sam Stacpoole from The Black Tambourines. The single will be released by Jam X Records on Oct 9th 2015. It will be available as a free download and also via the usual digital outlets. A CD single,( 100 copies only), will be available through Bandcamp and at gigs.

The Future Sound Of London - Archived 8 (2015)

The Future Sound of London's long and varied history stretches back almost 25 years and as such a vast amount of unreleased material exists in the FSOL Archives. Archived 8 brings together another 12 such tracks; in some cases these are completed but unreleased songs from that time, in others the songs have been reconstructed or enhanced and then further mixed to form the journey. This album is not just a collection of random off-cuts. It is a fully realised album, worthy of sitting alongside the rest of the band's critically acclaimed work.

01. Sorrow 3:53 
02. Acturum Esse 4:06 
03. Blue Green 2:53 
04. Crawler 3:56 
05. Forlorn 4:34 
06. Haloi Slope 4:22 
07. Unfurl 1:40 
08. Still Motion 5:05 
09. Plazmatical 3:48 
10. Spacial Freak 4:59 
11. Long Exposure 3:50 
12. Standing Room 6:13

Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to distribute their music via the internet, in 1994. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to use ISDN technology to transmit their music via the internet and also to radio stations across the world - a system that has now been adopted by the radio industry worldwide. 

TYYNYT - Ystävät Hämärän Jälkeen

This is the second single from Finnish band TYYNYT. Taken from the forthcoming album Ystävät Hämärän Jälkeen which will be released on 13th November through Solina Records.

We're thrilled to announce that TYYNYT band (It´s Pillows in Finnish) has joined the Solina Records label. New band from Jari Oisalo (Wojciech, Telenovelas, Kalkitos, Stanislaw). It´s Finnish shoegaze. Debut album "Ystävät Hämärän Jälkeen" out on 13th November 2015. Heavenly washes of guitar sounds, gentle vocals, heavy feedback, and timeless melodies work like a charm.  
According to TYYNYT’s prime mover, Jari Oisalo, the music was a result of playing around with a track made for another band of his. The outcome needed a name and title of its own and TYYNYT came to see the light of day. 
First single ‘Pusuudelleen’ is a another classic 90’s shoe-gaze track with clean echoing guitars, mid-mix vocals and a looping stylophonic riff that keeps sliding in and out of tune. For some reason, the crisp and booming sound of the drums towards the end is especially tasty. 
TYYNYT's a fresh face on Solina Records, and a fresh take on '00s indie rock--a soft-hush veneer and lovely melodies. Pure cloudy day music.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Actual Crimes - 5 Songs

Formed in 2013, Actual Crimes are made up of Kirsty Fife and Aaron Batley (with Lenny Dutton-Williams playing bass until July 2015). 2014 and 2015 saw the band support a host of national and international DIY punk dreambabes including Perfect Pussy, SHOPPING, Trust Fund, Witching Waves, Good Throb, Street Eaters, Chain and the Gang and The Ethical Debating Society.
5 songs is a short, sharp burst of noisy pop songs mostly about intersections of class, gender, sexuality and trauma. The EP builds on the band’s first release (Cassette!), both of which were recorded in one day with Mark Jasper at Soundsavers studio in London.

5 songs is released on 19th October 2015 on Tunnel Visions. Tape pre-orders are available through Tunnel Visions and digital downloads and other merch are available through their Bandcamp (
Actual Crimes will play the following shows around the EP’s launch:
16th October – The Packhorse, Leeds with David Leach and others
20th October – Power Lunches, London – EP launch party with Big Joanie, The Ethical Debating Society and Black Fungus
4th November – The Lexington, supporting Trust Fund and Alimony Hustle
5. Tunnel Visions shop

Exploding Clouds

Hailing from Miami, Exploding Clouds is Michael Barksdale's synth-pop project. 

Exploding Clouds started as Barksdale's solo experimentations back in 2010 as an alternative to his darker alter ego, Culture Prophet. After many years of performing and producing with other bands and aliases, he decided to revisit his previous work and bring it back to life. Exploding clouds is about positivity, gazing into the horizon, and looking beyond what the eye can see. 
This 9 track EP features beautiful electronic ambient songs reminiscent of Tycho, Com Truise, Washed Out and Caribou.

Track list:
1) Drive the car
2) Climb Up
3) What we want
4) Space
5) Diving
6) Tigers
7) See Through
8) Spirituality
9) Credits

Independent Music Podcast #62

Death In The Afternoon - We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight

This is the splendid new single from Death In The Afternoon.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lights That Change - Voices

Lights That Change is an alternative dreampop ethereal wave outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by producer Marc Joy. Over the past year, Lights That Change have undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. They plan ot release their debut album ‘Byzantium’ soon via UK-Canadian label Raphalite Records. Like this single, the LP will feature guest vocals by Rebecca Palin (Golden Fable) and drums by Malcolm Holmes (Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark). 
“I’m extremely happy to be involved in Lights That Change,” says Malcolm Holmes. “This has given me the freedom to create something special for ‘Voices’ and the new album doing what I love to do … this is why I started playing drums in the first place”
Lights That Change released their debut EP ‘Rainbow On Your Shoulder’ in 2013, followed by ‘Whispers in February’ and have received notable support from BBC, Tom Robinson, and Amazing Radio, among others.  Louder Than War has premiered the new single 'Voices', which was released on May 11. The newly-released video is simultaneously premiering in New York's 30thirdand3rd andJammerzine.
The single ‘Voices’ is chalked full of ethereal wave post-punk magic reminiscent of 4AD’s golden era.  Here Mandy Clare lays mesmerizing vocals over a bed of drifting, powerfully moving soundscapes.  The video is just as captivating.

"I listened to the track hundreds of times to get a solid feel for the music. Images fell into place in my mind and then I reproduced them on the screen," explains British filmographer Jason Sheppard, who created this video.  "This has a lovely gothic feel to the sound but also a soundtrack theme to it. A soundtrack to your life." 

Butterfly Child - Lost In These Machines

Original dreampoppers Butterfly Child return with their first album since 1998's 'Soft Explosives'.  

‘Lost In These Machines’ is the first taster from Butterfly Child's new album ‘Futures’, to be released on Dell'Orso Records on vinyl, CD and digital formats late November.

Like many of Butterfly Child's past recordings ‘Lost In These Machines’ is euphorically melancholic, Joe's plaintive vocals romanticising the loss of happiness whilst the subsiding firestorm of guitars interlock with the gentle cogs of a ticktocking drum machine.

This is the forlorn, insular sound of love breaking down consoled by the giddy haze of nostalgia. Hailing originally from Belfast, Butterfly Child released their first two EPs on A.R Kane's H.Ark! label before signing to Rough Trade for the debut album ‘Onomatopoeia’ (1993).

Their second album, 'The Honeymoon Suite' was released by Dedicated in 1995.  ‘Futures’ was solely recorded, engineered and mixed by Joe Cassidy in his home studio in LA, over the last three years. Restrictions and singularity proved to be a catalyst for innovation.  

As Joe explains: "When I started working on the record I happened to find the same drum machine that I used on the old Butterfly Child records from the early 90's at a thrift store for £10. I enjoyed the simplicity and lack of options it presented. Even though I rarely follow this train of thought, sometimes less is more".  

This, more or less, is the sound of ten thousand jets.   

Lunar Twin - Champagne

Lunar Twin are proud to release their single 'Champagne (Grande Cru Edit)' from their 'Champagne (Remixes)' EP, out now on German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Band member Chris Murphy re-mixed this track himself, bringing in the synth and textures from the original version. 
They have a new video to accompany this, directed by J. Valencia of San Francisco. It was quite a feat to put this together, completely with original footage, filmed on location at four different sites - in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. 
"I envisioned this track as an interstellar love affair, interpreted surrounding a fragmented vision and waking dreams of a solitary traveler," explains Valencia. "To me, this piece of music encompasses, both artistically and technically, a sound that is timeless". As for the band, they describe their vision for this video as "a dreamworld of subtle light, along with growth and decay, and photosynthesis", quite like their very own signature sound.  

This latest single presents a new edit of their breathtaking 'Champagne', which appeared on their self-titled debut EP. The new EP, released several months ago via Emerald & Doreen Records, features some rather amazing remixes, as well as a new edit of 'Metroplex' - reminiscent of Human Leagueand Gary Numan. This EP takes listeners on a journey from lush downtempo through chillwave territory and ultimately to the dance floor, and features an international bouquet of remixers includingUmmagma (Canada-Ukraine), Haioka (Japan), Mushrooms Project (Greece), Statickman (Chile),Woolfy (USA), Go Satta (UK) and Romin (Iceland).
Band members Chris Murphy and Bryce Boudreau met in July 2011 at the Denver Underground Music Festival, when Bryce joined as a guest of Chris’ previous gothic synth band Nightsweats. They formed Lunar Twin in October 2013, and derived the band’s name from a theory about earth having possibly had a twin moon. Inspired by space and time, as well as nature and culture, the band members record the music and vocal separately from quite a distance. Vocals for this EP were recorded in the Hawaiian rainforest at Chopo Audio in Keauu/Puna, Hawaii. All music was recorded in the high desert valley by an alkaline lake at Desert Heat Audio in Salt Lake City, USA. 
Champagne (Remixes) is available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, etc. The band's original Lunar Twin EP is also available through Bandcamp. 

Honey Moon

Introducing London’s own Honey Moon, slacker-pop from four guys who croon, bop, jangle and sway with their lilting hooks and psychedelic swirls. On this debut EP – released in the wake of a swell of blog hype and national radio support from the likes of 6 Music and Radio 1 - the four-piece deliver hazy guitar pop reminiscent of Avi Buffalo, or something that Matt Mondanile might conjure with Real Estate or Ducktails.

Released on September 25th, the record was self-produced and mastered at Metropolis studios in West London. Opening with the purposeful ‘Ellie’, it sets a tone of melancholy and nostalgia, and is very much the love-lorn introduction, punctuated as it is by its closing, hypnotic, guitar motifs. Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Tripping (On the Thought of You)’ and ‘I Saw You In A Dream’ embrace the lost art of vocal harmonies, with the former calling to mind those early Peace cuts - like Harry Koisser’s love letter to a teenage muse - and the latter forming a delicate story, closing the EP in romantic fashion as the electronic organ rumbles on.

Contemporary musical signposts colour the EP, but the band still leave their own distinctly Honey Moon trail of breadcrumbs along the way. Vivid, exploratory, imaginative and clever, theirs is an unmistakably British take on a style that romances both lo-fi and indie-pop, ultimately marrying the two in unbridled harmony. These are four tracks to really get lost in.

See Honey Moon Live:

29th Sept - The Victoria, London
1st Oct - The Boileroom, Guildford
3rd Oct - Edge Of The Wedge, Southampton
7th Oct - Green Door Store, Brighton 

Honey Moon are:

Jack Slater-Chandler - Guitar/Vocals - Zach Urch – Guitar - Peter Anderson – Bass - Sam Roux - Drums


Haunting, brooding and full of dark atmosphere, |dds| have revealed a new video for their track ‘An Introduction’, ahead of a full EP release this November.
 The uncompromising sound emanating from the collaboration of Italian Davide and Parisians Nicolas and Etienne, the trio of |dds| now reside in London where they have set about crafting a cinematic and intense sound that distinctly stands on it’s own.
 After the group revealed their first track through the FatCat site late last year (and consequently signed to them for publishing), |dds| then settled in to recording their debut EP, four tracks that marry their foreboding and evocative sound with the visual language of their videos and imagery.
 Collaborations with like-minded artists around the EP have quickly come together, including stunning visuals shot with Lee McKarkiel for the new video, and remixes with Clifford Gilberto (Ninja Tune).
 The first glimpse of the forthcoming EP, ‘An Introduction,’ stands as a marker for the aesthetics of |dds|, at once melancholic and reflective, as well as optimistic and passionate, with swathes of beauty wrapped across a canvas of disenchantment. It’s the early sign of something exciting to come from the three-piece.
 |dds| will release their EP ‘An Introduction’ this November. A series of select live dates are set to be announced over the coming weeks.
15 Oct - LONDON - The Finsbury
Official Website -

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dead Heavens - Adderall Highway

“Dead Heavens came to me while watching a film called An American Hippie In Israel,” says front man and guitarist Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools, Quicksand). “In the film the aforementioned American Hippie collects a group of like minded flower children from around Tel Aviv. They cram into a convertible for a drive to the sea and pick out an uninhabited island to begin a new “free” society. They lose their raft, the waters around the island are shark infested, there’s no drinkable water or food save a single lamb which the hippies ultimately fight to the death for--their heaven dead yet the lamb survives. Our band is like the lamb, a lamb that grows into a goat, with horns.” Dead Heavens also features former members of Youth Of Today, White Zombie, and Cults.

Dead Heavens are: Walter Schreifels (vocals, guitar), Paul Kostabi (Youth Gone Bad, White Zombie), Nathan Aguilar (Cults), and Drew Thomas (Crippled Youth, Bold, Youth of Today)

Their second single, “Adderall Highway”, is set for release 25th September on Velvet Elk Records / One Little Indian in both the US and UK.

“Walter Schreifels is a very rare beast: A New York hardcore legend who was around for the music’s legendarily thugged-out CBGB-matinee early days but who’s stayed musically relevant since then.” – Sterogum
“Walter Schreifels has done just that, excelling in whatever genre he lends his talent to because he can write songs–it’s that simple, man.” – Bullett Media
“Walter Schreifels has to be one of the most consistently busy musicians in rock. “– Brooklyn Vegan

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Horse Dance

This is a track from the forcoming album by Josefin Öhm + The Liberation, It's called Horse Dance and will be released on Rocket Recordings on 6th November.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lost Trail - A Foreground And A Backdrop

This is a wonderful new release on the eternally lovely Bleeding Gold label. It's available as a free download which you can acquire above but more importantly there is a limited edition clear vinyl version available which really needs to live in your record collection (I still assume everyone has one).

Over Sands

Brothers and forgers of ethereal soundscapes, Over Sands, have announced their upcoming self-titled debut EP. Despite their short existence, Over Sands are already gaining positive reviews from critics, with plaudits coming from the likes of The Line of Best Fit for opening release Tune Out, which was followed by a psychedelic cover of the Twin Peaks theme.

Allowing the surrounding environment to flow naturally into their recordings, Over Sands wrote the EP during several weeks isolated in a remote beach house off the English East coast. The hypnotic ebb and flow of the tide – marooning the brothers from the rest of civilisation twice a day – gave inspiration to their debut’s multitude of sounds.

Physical elements of the environment also make an appearance, literally: the vocals of Hounds were recorded in an abandoned World War Two bunker the brothers found nearby, and synthesised field recordings have found their way ontoTwo Cranes and Gyroscope.

The disparate locations and sonic elements come together on Over Sands EP – where wandering synthesisers, shimmering guitars, and celestial vocals, meet drum samples, and bright electronic notes – culminating in a complete form, that ventures into towering walls of sound.

Over Sands’ debut self-titled EP will be released on November 20th world-wide on B3SCI, in digital and limited edition 12″ clear vinyl.