Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Orchids - Beatitude#9

The Orchids are back with their first new lp since 2010's "The Lost Star". It was released last month on Spanish label Aquarela and is well worth tracking down.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Big Hush - Wholes E.P.

Wholes cover art

This is the latest release from D.D's Big Hush. It's available as a download from their Bandcamp Page or if your a really sophisticated you can purchase the cassette here.

Looks quite sexy don't you think??


YR POETRY - No Tribes

No Tribes cover art

This is nice and noisy. It's a seven track CD which you can't buy anymore because it's sold out which is great for Yr Poetry and bad for all the incomplete record collections around the world which will now have to stay devoid of a copy of the latest Yr Poetry release No Tribes.
Yr Poetry has something to do with Yr Friends which has something to do with Johnny Foreigner but doesn't really sound like Johnny Foreigner, maybe a bit more like Johnny Foreigner on the beer or after some decent drugs. The song titles are right up my particular alley as well, I mean how can a song called "I Caught A Fly With Chopsticks, Once" possibly disappoint? 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whirr/Nothing - Split EP

Whirr / Nothing Split 12" cover art

I was in a bit of a grumpy mood before I heard this. It's a new 12" on Run For Cover records featuring two of the finest noise generators around. It begins with two brand new tracks from Whirr who's last lp was a very slightly disappointing after the unhinged beauty of their debut Pipe Dreams back in 2012. There are no such problems here however as both "Ease" and "Lean" find the distortion merchants on top form.
Nothing provide two new tracks in the form of "Chloroform" and "July The Fourth" both of which brought about a strange tingling sensation in my nether regions. In short this is a record you need to own and love.
You can order the record in a whole range of sexy coloured vinyl from Run For Cover.


The Popguns - Pop Fiction

CD70 sleeve

The Popguns will release their long awaited new LP Pop Fiction through Matinee Recordings on 2nd December. It's the band's first full length release since 1996 and they have certainly not lost the ability to write a top pop song as can be demonstrated by the three tracks on the sampler below.
City Lights and If You Ever Change Your Mind sound as fresh anything they've ever treated us with in the past.

"The first Popguns album since 1996, ‘Pop Fiction’ is a truly magnificent return. Epic album opener ‘City Lights’ begins with a chiming guitar intro that builds into dreamy vocals telling a tale of misplaced affections and the alluring lights of the big, bad city, accompanied by some especially dazzling melodies. Meanwhile, ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ is a classic three-minute power pop tune with a wicked hook and a little twist in the tail. The song was inspired in part by an episode of the Danish political drama ‘Borgen’ and is a stunning showcase for the incomparable vocals of Wendy Pickles.
The album continues with the immediate pop hit ‘Lovejunky’ which was released earlier this year as a limited red vinyl 7” single. It’s a glorious song with soaring vocals, driving guitars, an insanely catchy chorus, and marvelous harmonies. Next, a long acoustic intro for ‘Still Waiting For The Winter’ showcases dual female vocals before the rest of the ‘Guns arrive for a reflective journey through a vignette of Popgun nights out on the Brighton seafront. The song references the band’s second single and live favorite ‘Waiting For The Winter’ from 1989, giving long-time fans even more to smile about.
‘Alfa Romeo’ is a single contender inspired by the fascinating story of American trumpeter Chet Baker, and the mood of the song perfectly fits the romantic image of the unimaginably cool Baker in his Alfa Romeo on the boulevards of San Francisco, Paris and Rome.
Side two of the album opens with the slow burner ‘Out of Sight’ with its tom-tom intro providing the base for some ethereal feedback guitar and gorgeous layered vocals. It’s an altogether different side to The Popguns as they sink into the divine sound of a long distance love affair quietly beating on a rainy Wednesday night. This segues into the sparse backing track of ‘Not Your Night Tonight’, which lets Wendy’s voice be heard in its full beauty with lyrical shades of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan and some beautifully twinkling keyboards.
‘Leaning on the Backline’ is a proper up-tempo indie guitar track and a nostalgic look back to the late 80s and the people and places around the band at that time, while ‘Something Going On’ sits perfectly beside any track from that time period as a classic Popguns song with Wendy’s vocal delivery leaving no doubt that this is still someone not to be messed with! Finally, ‘I’ll See You Later’ is a celebratory sign off to the album with The Popguns getting as close to rock as they probably ever will with some solid guitar riffs.
Utterly accomplished and bursting with confidence, ‘Pop Fiction’ is that great pop record The Popguns always promised when they formed 25 years ago and an absolutely spectacular return for the band. Pop perfection indeed!"

The Popguns will celebrate the release of Pop Fiction at a launch party at The Borderline in London on November 22nd.