Sunday, August 03, 2014

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Fifty)

So the Fodder finally returns for it's 250th installment. You might have noticed the breaks in regular service over the last couple of months but everyone needs a break now and again. If you have sent music in via e-mail I will get round to it eventually and hopefully post it in these pages.
This weeks Fodder is possibly the best yet, although I usually think that but this weeks twelve records are particularly strong. Hope you find something to please your ears, enjoy.

Download Here

fan fiction cover art

1. Playlounge - Fan Fiction (Self Released)
One of two tracks on a new digital single from the London band. You can download the whole thing here.

D.Y.I. cover art

2. Muuy Biien - Frigid (HHBTM)
Taken from the album D.Y.I. which I'm told stands for Do Yourself In which probably isn't great advise at the start of the football season. Maybe in the new year if things aren't going too well.

Indietracks Compilation 2014 cover art

3. The Popguns - Still Waiting For The Winter (Indietracks)
Brand new track from the Brighton band taken from the Indietracks compilation which contains no less than 56 tracks, most of which are very good indeed. There are plans for a new Popguns LP before we are very much older and on the strength of this track, and the new single Love Junky which will soon be released on Matinee Records I think it should be something to look forward to. By the way does anyone have a recording of their set from Indietracks. I'd really like to hear it. 

367 Equalizer cover art

4. Guerilla Toss - 367 Equalizer (Self Released)
One of four tracks on a fine cassette EP which is apparently limited to a mere 300 copies. This works best if played at incredibly loud volume. I've discovered it is also pretty good at both scaring cat's and annoying the wife!

5. Toy - Conductor [Tom Furse Extrapolation] (Heavenly)
This fine track appears on the b-side of the latest Toy 12" which was released on Heavenly about a month ago. It is available on mp3 of course but why would you want that when you can have a nice, sexy chunk of vinyl in your possession. You can order your copy here.

6. Joanna Gruesome - Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers (Odd Box)
This is the Joanna Gruesome track featured on a split single shared with Tyrannosaurus Dead. It's limited to just 300 7" singles and can be purchased from Odd Box Records.

7. Wray - Bad Heart (Communicating Vessels)
Taken from the fantastic debut album by Wray which was released a couple of weeks ago on the wonderfully named Communicating Vessels label who seem to have loads of records I haven't heard. I can sense a shopping spree coming on! The band are currently on tour with Man Or Astro-Man and dates can be found here. I bet they sound fantastic live.

Psychoacoustic Pop Music by Bulbs of Held

8. Bulbs Of Held - Your Teas You Dinner (Emerald And Doreen)
Taken from the Manchester duo's self titled EP recently issued through Emerald And Doreen.

EP1 cover art

9. Sarrasine - Shame (Self Released)
Taken from what I presume to be the Argentinean outfit's debut ep. It's cunningly monikered  EP1 and can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page.

10. Leather Slave - Jessica Still Plays (Permanent)
What a great noise. The debut lp from Leather Slave will be released by Permanent Records on 2nd September. As far as I'm aware it's a vinyl only release although don't quote me on that, I don't have a fantastic record in the being right department. What is for sure though is that there will be a total of 300 copies of which 100 will be on what is described as "oxblood coloured vinyl" the rest will be good old black. And yes, that really is the sleeve!

Black Floral (12" LP, Sickroom Records, 2014) cover art

11. Detective Instinct - We'd All Love Wheels (Sick Room)
So this is what they get up to in Middlesborough! This is a track from the new Detective Instinct album Black Floral which was released last week on vinyl and CD which contains six bonus tracks.

Inspiral Carpets: CD/DVD Deluxe Edition

12. Inspiral Carpets - Human Shield (Cherry Red)
This is the closing track on the new Inspiral Carpets LP which is undoubtedly the best thin they have released to date! The self-titled album will be released through Cherry Red on 29th September and preceded by the new single Spitfire at the end of August. This is one record you really must get!