Sunday, July 06, 2014

Cosy Catastrophes - Way Last June

Cozy Catastrophes is the solo recording project of Greg Adams. Using guitars, bass, Casios, Moog, glockenspiel and drum machines, inspired by twee pop, Swedish pop, self-help books and Bobby Rydell’s sweaters, Cozy Catastrophes creates music for teen-age record hops, in-town driving, and lonely hours.

The Bloomington, Indiana resident released his debut album, AnInstructive Amusement, in August 2013 on his own Beehive Rebellion Records. The homemade, bedroom-pop recordings of the debut album were clever and slightly cute. The new Cozy Catastrophes EP, Way Last June, is a bit more electric, but the songwriting is still just as clever as the debut album.
There are two available options for this release: digital download and cassette. Digitally, the new EP is available as a “pay-what-you-like” download via the February Records bandcamp page. The physical option can be ordered directly through Cozy Catastrophes

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