Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Forty Six)

The Cha Cha Cha cover art

1. Girl Band - The Cha Cha Cha (Self Released)
Brief to the point of...well short, this is the new single from Girl Band or at least it was last month when it was issued in conjunction with Record Store Day as a limited edition flexi disc which has now sold out but as usual I've only just caught up with it. There's a so called remix on the b-side which is pretty fine and may find itself included in a future Fodder. I say so called remix because it bears no relation to the original track and would struggle to be more different. Check it out at their Bandcamp Page.

Touchdown Buffalo cover art

2. Sink Tapes - Vegas Hotel Yoga Spa (Mint 400 Records)
Taken from the North Jersey band's new album Touchdown Buffalo which is available now on digital download or rather sexy cassette.

A GAME of WHIST cover art

3. Policenaut - Truth Tables (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Policenaut album Euchre which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

The Isolator EP cover art

4. The Invention Of Dystopia - The Isolator [Feat Carmen Thompson] (Bear With Me)
"The Invention of Dystopia are made up of Newcastle Upon Tyne based acts, Fearbox and Dressed In Wires. They release their debut EP on Monday July 28th on Bandcamp.They decided to collaborate on a track over email and the work built up over a matter of weeks in early 2014. When they decided to work on a track, there was a blank canvas and the tracks built over various version, mixes and changes in mood and tone. It was an experiment in challenging each other to build upon initial ideas and making exciting music and work outside their comfort zones. The pair both work in electronica and noise genres in their own music.
The title track is based on samples of self help tapes and spoken word Vox written by the duo and performed by Teeside based Spoken word artist, Carmen Thompson. After planning on working on one track, the EP evolved over  time with remixes and reworkings plus new original tracks. The resulting tracks were a pure experiment as they melded post rock, electronica and techno music. If pushed for a genre they would describe themselves as ‘Post Dance’ (Not a real genre!)."

Niizhwaaswo cover art

5. WHOOP-Szo - CSG
Taken from the album Niizhwaaswo which was released a couple of weeks ago on download or very attractive one sided vinyl. Have a look here.

 6. Tunnelvision - I'm Dreaming [Original Mix] (Emerald And Doreen)
This is a track from the debut album by Begium's Tunnelvision. It's called Sky Swallower and will be released very soon on Emerald And Doreen Records.

Ultra Silvam cover art

7. Stiu Nu Stiu - No You Are Not Special (Edils Recordings)
This track comes from the new album by Swedish band Stiu Nu Stiu which includes various elements of Jennyferever. It's called Ultra Silvam and was released digitally on 9th June. There will apparently be a physical release sometime in August. Excellent stuff. 

How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain cover art

8. Slowness - Illumunate (Blue Aurora)
Taken from the second Slowness album How To Keep From From Falling Off A Mountain which was released last week.

9. The Fall - Facebook Troll (Live Recording)
Hopefully a track which will appear on the new record which I'm told is under construction as we speak. This version was recorded at The Fall's recent show at Manchester Cathedral where they also played a couple more new tracks which could well find their way into Fodders over the next few weeks. You can download the full gig here.

Image of Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music "USA '13" LP

10. Merchandise - Figured Out (540 Records)
This is one of two Merchandise tracks on a twelve inch which Merchandise share with Destruction Unit and Milk Music. I'm pretty sure that you won't be able to find a copy of this for either love or money now so if I remember I'll post the whole thing later in the week.

Bright Star cover art

11. The Rainy Afternoons - English Summer (Self Released)
One of the most played albums in my house this week is the debut full length by The Rainy Afternoons which  is called Bright Star and can be purchased here.

12. The Wake - English Rain (Sarah)
...and why not? Taken from the album Make It Loud which was released in 1990 on the legendary Sarah Records.

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