Sunday, June 08, 2014


The latest release in Everythingischemical's virtual seven inch series is a new release by FE∀RS containing three new tracks. I'm not really sure why I said new tracks as they are the first tracks I have heard by the ensemble/artist and in time honoured fashion I know absolutely nothing about them barring the fact that it's hard to make my computer do the upside down A thing.
The first track Sirens starts so quietly that you look down at your player to see if it has actually started but it soon bursts into life with a lovely baseline and haunting vocals melting seamlessly into the second track Control.
I really do like the idea of virtual seven inches Although there can be no real replacement for a slab of plastic there's only so much you can do with digital format's which let's face it are here to stay. I remember reading the NME back in what must have been something resembling 1993 and a certain Alan McGee predicting that before long all music would be bought as files from the internet. He was certainly spot on with that one which makes me think I should try and find out who he thinks will win the World Cup and bet heavily.
 FE∀RS is the seventy first release in the digital series and can be downloaded free here.

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