Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Introducing "Number 37" by The LiLos

Number 37 cover art

A bizarre mix of stories and pop beats surrounding the band's obsession with Lindsay Lohan, the album is a labour of love. Feelings of intensity immerse the listener as the LiLos' choleric lyrics and crafted music, revolving vitrolic guitar and intense overlays of instruments come together focussed on Tom Linton's (vocals) obsessions during the last year. He not only lost his mind, but found himself in a battle to get Lindsay to notice him (Hollywood Rebel), and this and the rest of these songs, with their beautifully contaminative arrangements, give the album an irresistible charm.

Linton, clearly a mastermind wordsmith, and multi-instrumentalist David Smith are introducing a style and passion for music that has been created with love, and somehow lost in its own brand of indie pop music that we have not heard since the likes of the Housemartins first graced the scene.

The music is as ground-breaking as it is nostalgic, as the lyrics take you through some of Linton's darker times, reflecting a deep melting pot of his experiences drawn from Lindsay's pitfalls (Drive Like You), and greatest moments (Strong Bionic Arm). Incorporating a variety of ingredients, including nostalgia, anger, shame, abuse and more, contemplatively to produce something absolutely unique.

The LiLos' talent within the album shines musically and with a bizarre personality. The waves of lyrics are layered against chunky guitar to make this a living, breathing piece of art. The discerning music fan is sure to notice something new every time that they add this to their play list.

You can here the album here:

And follow the band here:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Forty Four)

1. La Sera - 10 Headed Goat Wizard (Hardly Art)
Taken from La Sera's third lp Hour Of The Dawn which was released last week on Hardly Art Records with the first pressing being delivered on orange peachy coloured vinyl.

close (enough to kiss) cover art

2. Kigo - Tell Me All (Self Released)
The latest EP from Kigo was made available through Bandcamp at the end of last month and features four more pieces of swirling distorted loveliness. 

Neon Visions (Single) cover art

3. S.M.L.H. - Neon Visions (Up Top Recordings)
"SMLH is the solo project of 17 year-old Hillsborough, NC native Sam Higgins. The project began as merely an accumulation of off-kilter 4-track demos that were recorded while he was in seventh grade. However, what was once cathartic regurgitation inspired by middle school goofiness and angst eventually grew into a more developed solo endeavor. Influenced heavily by the southern punk rock ethos of North Carolina legends the Flat Duo Jets as well as the hypnotic bedroom stylings of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, the nature of SMLH's output is hard to put a finger on at times; his early 2014 release Singles Vol. 1 features as many nihilistically loud "fake songs" as it does introspective and hazy pop tunes. SMLH's favorite things are Seinfeld, Cheerwine, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, Adidas Sambas, short-scale guitars, and dad jokes.

"Neon Visions" is the first track from of an upcoming two song digital release.  SMLH is said to be at work on a debut full-length record due out in Fall 2014.  All of the music can be listened to and purchased on his Bandcamp

The Gristle cover art

4. The Wind-Up Birds - The Gristle (Sturdy)
This is the first taster from the Leeds bands new lp Poor Music which will be released on Sturdy records on 27th May.

Stash House cover art

5. Illegal Wiretaps - Stash House (Self Released)
The latest digital release from the seemingly ever busy Illegal Wiretaps. If you pop over to their Bandcamp page you will also be able to download another new track called Omar. Apparently this release was inspired by what they describe as "the greatest television show ever made, The Wire" which a friend of mine has been trying to persuade me to watch for ages. Maybe I'll give it a go if this is the kind of thing it inspires.

6. Ceremony - It's Not You (Emerald and Doreen)
I can't tell you a huge amount about this new release from Ceremony. It's a five track EP which celebrates under the title of the Birds EP and will be released by Emerald And Doreen Records who incidentally seem to have a wealth of interesting releases coming up in the next few months.

EICV7" No. 68 cover art

7. Boneshift - Static (Everything Is Chemical)
One of the latest releases in the Everything Is Chemical virtual seven inch series. This is number 68 and gives us four tracks from Boneshift. You can download the whole thing and check out the other releases in the series at the Everything Is Chemical website.

'ENDURO' cover art

8. Dearly Beloved - Seven Plagues (Aporia)
Taken from the lp Enduro which will be released on 9th June through Aporia Records.

Number 37 cover art

9. The LiLos - My Baby Hates You (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Number 37 " which can be downloaded in full from here.

Holograms cover art

10. Paul J. Fox - Hollo Heart [Part 2] (Self Released)
One of six tracks on a new EP called Holograms which you can download in full from Bandcamp. If you're not familiar with the work of Paul J. Fox you should also download a compilation of his work modestly titled 15 Lo Fi Super Hits also on Bandcamp. That should keep you quiet for a while.

11. Birdland - Hollow Heart (Lazy)
...well if you can't play Hollow Heart after Hollo Heart when can you play it?

22 All Shadows Whisper Of The Sun cover art

12. Torpa - All Shadows Whisper Of The Sun (Self Released)
What better way to end this (or any other) Fodder than with the latest piece of ambient blissfulness from Torpa. Half an hour of swirling wonderment no less. Torpa does however advise that headphone listening is essential which is ok as I have just bought a new pair after my last ones blew up listening to a Spacemen 3 bootleg at full volume. The moral of that story of course is never to listen to Spacemen 3 on headphones. Their should always be heard blasting from the biggest speakers you can find. If you play them a lot it's probably worth setting up a p.a. in your living room.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Forty Three)

Manon meurt cover art

1. Manon Meurt - Glowing Cityscape (Self Released)
You don't see that many bands coming out of the Czech Republic but here's one. This is one of six tracks on what I believe to be Manon Meurt's debut release which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

2. The Close Lobsters - Now Time (Shelflife)
The Close Lobsters are back with their first new recordings since 1989! While some (including me) might argue against such a drastic action after so long they actually seem to have pulled it off. The new record is called Kunstwerk In Spacetime and features two new tracks Now Time and New York City In Space. It will be released as a seven inch single and presumably mp3 on Shelflife Records on 27th May.

W.D.M.R.S. / Tongues cover art

3. We Are Hex - Tongues (Latest Flame)
This is the b-side of the new We Are Hex single W.D.M.R.S. which will be released on seven inch through Latest Flame Records next month.

4. Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered (Sarah)
Many of you will be shocked that I actually remembered to include this. This is the original version of the Grave Pools track on last weeks Fodder. As you will notice apart from a bit of echo on the Grave Pools version there isn't much difference but as far as I'm concerned you can't whack the original. Perhaps someone should have a go at Sensitive by The Field Mice. I'd like to hear that!

Image of Towns - 'Get By' Debut Album / 12" Ltd to 100 *presale*

5. Towns - Too Tired (Howling Owl)
This is the first taste of Bristol band Towns debut LP Get By which I'm really looking forward to hearing in it's entirety. It will be released on Bristol label Howling Owl on 2nd June and is available for pre-order now from their website. If I've read it correctly and there's every chance I haven't there will be just one hundred copies of the vinyl version which will undoubtedly be snapped up pretty damn fast. Really excited about this one.

Chvad SB - Crickets Were the Compass

6. Chvad SB - A Hair Before Sundown (Silber)
This fine track comes from the LP Crickets Were The Compass on Silber Records by Chvad SB. I'd love to know how to pronounce that incidentally. The track I really wanted to include is called The Dust Cloud Permeates but at just under fifteen minutes it's probably a little to much for the more sane among you although I'm still tempted as it is excellent.

Feeling Good

7. Vienna Ditto - Feeling Good (Ubiquity Project Records)
I really wish I knew a lot more about this group. Vienna Ditto come from London and will release this totally brilliant track as their new single on 9th June. Their does however seem to be quite a bit of older stuff on their Bandcamp page so I'll be having a scout through that over the weekend.
Vienna Ditto have a handful of shows coming up and if only they would venture a bit further north I should love to see them myself.

6th June - Swindon, The Victoria Inn
14th June - London, Aklam Village Market
20th June - Oxford, O2 Academy
21st June - Reading, Rising Sun Arts Centre 

8. Body Futures - When You Had A Jaw (Latest Flame)
Taken from the lp Brand New Silhouettes which will be released through Latest Flame on 12th August which is still quite a way off. I'll remind you again before then.

9. Florida = Death - A Deeper More Fullfiling Empty (Obscure Me)
It's always a good sign when a press release advises you to listen loud and through speakers and in this instance the advice would be correct. This is the first track on Florida = Death's new record Post Information. It's one of those wonderful LP's where you genuinely don't know what's going to happen next. The Fall are pretty good at that and now it seems so is this Meriden three piece. Post Information is certainly available on vinyl although I'm not sure about other formats but what other format could you possibly prefer? You will almost certainly be able to find acres more information and maybe even buy the thing at the Obscure Me website.

imagen grupo

10. The Yearning - If I Can't Have You (Elefant)
A new single from The Yearning which precedes the new lp Dreamboats And Lemonade which will be released on Elefant Records on 30th June and is something I for one am really looking forward to hearing.

The Wind-up Birds - Poor Music

11. The Wind Up Birds - Debris Slide (Sturdy Records)
A superb rendition of the Pavement classic to put us in the mood for the Leeds bands second lp Poor Music which will attack us on 27th May. This track isn't on it but you can have a look at the sleeve for the new record anyway.

Image of Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music "USA '13" LP

12. Destruction Unit - Feed The Dogs (540 Records)
This fine track comes from a split lp which Destruction Unit share with Merchandise and Milk Music. It's called USA 13 and has almost certainly sold out as there were only two thousand copies when it was released last month in honour of Record Store day. However if you can't find a copy there is no need to panic as I will be including more tracks from the record over the coming weeks.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Forty Two)

It's been a bit of a while since the last Fodder but it's back and with a bit of style. This week we have new tracks from the likes of Pixies, Owl And Mouse and the brilliant Grave Pool.

Download Here

1. Pixies - Women Of War (Self Released)
Bit of a surprise this one. Released for Record Store Day on 7" although copies have also being distributed with the vinyl version of the new LP Indie Cindy which has received some less than warm reviews, or at least the one's I've read have been slightly unkind. Personally I like the record and think it sits very nicely alongside their impressive back catalogue. It seems to be selling pretty well though so I doubt Mr Francis and his team will lose too much sleep over it.

Wilt cover art

2. Wavr - Melt My Brain (Self Released)
What a great track. It's one of four on a new and fantastically noisy E.P. by Wavr. It's called "Wilt" and can be purchased from their Bandcamp page.

EP 3 cover art

3. T.O.Y.S. - What To Do (Odd Box)
"T.O.Y.S are a three piece indiepop band formed in Leeds in 2010. Now partially relocated in London.
David Kitchen plays a baby Yamaha keyboard through a mighty speaker, Adam John Miller plays fuzz bass and Eddy Lines plays drums. Initially a collaboration project that quickly took on momentum, the result is an uptempo blend of lo-fi pop, krautrock and dancefloor indie.
This is the bands 3rd release (their 2nd for Odd Box) and it agains finds the band delivering 6 cracking songs over the course of an EP."

Greatest Hits cover art

4. Tyrannosaurus Dead - 1992 (Odd Box)
And while we're on the subject of  Odd Box Records they have another fine release in a new album by Tyrannosaurus dead. It's not a new album as it comprises of pretty much everything they have released to date on various labels. It's annoying to see that they have released something called The Lemonade EP, a cassette released on the Reeks Of Effort label. It's annoying because I don't have a copy and if I come across anyone who has they can expect to be burgled or at least hounded into submission. This album, cunningly titled Greatest Hits contains tracks from that release and others all on one CD which you can order along with the T.O.Y.S. release above from Odd Box.

Somewhere To Go cover art

5. Owl and Mouse - Don't Read The Classics (Fika)
This is one of four lovely tracks on a new release by Owl And Mouse which will be released on 23rd June by Fika Records. It's called Somewhere To Go and will be available on a sky blue coloured 7" single which I for one will be tracking down at the first possible opportunity.

Hypnotized/We Disintegrate cover art

6. Spirit Choir - We Disintegrate (Self Released)
One of two tracks on the Buffalo bands new digital single which you can download free from their Bandcamp page.

Echoes b/w Every Crime cover art

7. Loom - Every Crime (Obscure Me)
Taken from a free digital single which you can download in full here.

How Not to be Alone

8. AK - Electricity (Demo)
One of four tracks on a new EP from Brooklyn band AK. It's called How Not To Be Alone and was released on 25th March but in time honored fashion I've only just heard it.


9. Lightfoils - Last One (Saint Marie)
An LP I can't stop listening to at the moment is the new release by Lightfoils. It's called Hierarchy and will apparently be released on 8th July by the consistently wonderful Saint Marie label.

Demo 2013 cover art

10. Klam - Grey (Demo)
This is one of six noisy tracks from Klam which were recorded last year and have now been made available through their Bandcamp page.

Dinosaur Hell cover art

11. Grave Pool - You Should All Be Murdered (Self Released)
Probably the most played track on my iPod at the moment is this fantastic reading of the Another Sunny Day classic You Should All Be Murdered. The original was released on the legendary Sarah label back in the mists of the late eighties and seldom has it been heard since. This version is pretty close to the original but with a lot more echo and distortion which are two things always likely to grab my attention. It's the third track on a three track EP by Grave Pool who's work I must confess to not being familiar with but on the strength of this offering will need to hear a lot more. If I remember (unlikely) I'll dig out the original version for the next Fodder.

Faux Ferocious - Striking Distance

12. Faux Ferocious - Boys Like Creatures (Mush)
"Striking Distance is the first in a string of seven-inch EPs by Nashville art-punks, Faux Ferocious. Consisting of four perfect slices of noise-pop, Faux Ferocious brandish more personality in ten-minutes than many groups do on hour-long albums. Side A is made up of an immediate and decisive one-two punch. "Striking Distance" is all edge-of-a-knife drive that demands you get together or get out of the way. "Billy" tells the story of a kid that never got along over an unflustered groove that screams cool. "Boys Like Creatures" kicks off Side B with a fuzzed-out chant-along as performed by rockabilly's juvenile delinquent cousin from the city. "A Poor Born Man" exudes the pent-up frustration that comes from having a girl go out with some other creep and not being able to do a thing but sing about it. Stiking Distance is a hard, fast, and dangerous at any speed start for Faux Ferocious."