Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Fall - London, Clapham Grand, 15th November 2013

Another great recording from the gear of Mr Hanleyfender. Honestly the amount of service this guy gives to Fallkind deserves some kind of knighthood. This time he has captured The Fall's recent appearance at The Grand in Clapham, London and what a great sounding gig. The exciting things here are the new songs and in particular The Remainderer which sounds incredible and must be one of the most tuneful Fall tracks of recent time. It's the lead track from the new EP which should have been with us by now but Cherry Red for whatever reason have put it's release back until 9th December. Three tracks from the new EP were played in this set Amorator, Mister Rode and The Remainderer and all sound superb.

Hot Cake
Sir William Wray
The Remainderer
Theme From Sparta FC
Mister Rode
Cowboy George
off stage
What About Us?
15 Ways

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