Monday, November 18, 2013

Public Service Broadcasting - Edinburgh, 6th November 2013

I was hoping to see Public Service Broadcasting in Leeds last week but alas life got in the way. It does then ease the pain somewhat to come into possession of this fine recording of the recent Edinburgh show which as you will discover when you download the file is stunning. I don't actually know who recorded this as it was sent to me by a third party but whoever it may have been deserves a brewery full of free beer forever. Most of the tracks on here are versions of tracks from their debut album "Inform-Educate-Entertain" which improved our autumn and will undoubtedly find it's way into many peoples end of year lists. There are also a smattering of new tracks on here which hopefully means a new record is not too far away. This set was recorded at the Picture House in Edinburgh on 6th November. 

Public Announcement WMPCVD
Intro Fanfare
London Can Take It
Theme From PSB 
The Now Generation
New Dimensions In Sound 
Elfstedentocht Part 1
Night Mail (Version)
Signal 30
Elfstedentocht Part 2
If War Should Come
Lit Up (Version)

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