Monday, November 11, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Six)

A particularly good Fodder this week even if I do say so myself. The Flowers EP from which the first track is taken is particularly outstanding and the sooner I can get attached to a drip of new Flowers material the better. Check out the Odd Box website for more details on how to furnish yourself with some Flowers.

Oh and if you are in need of a more "classic" Fodder have a listen to the first volume of a compilation entitled "Wormtones" which can be downloaded here. And while you're about it their is a pretty smart My Bloody Valentine gig to be downloaded here. I'm too good to you...

Download Here

Saturday 26th October 2013: Singles Clubs - latest update
1. Flowers - Hide And Seek (Odd Box)
How good is this. Flowers are rapidly becoming my favourite band of the year, well the month anyway. This track comes from their recent7"  release on the Odd Box Records singles club which also includes 7" singles from the likes of Cars Can Be Blue, Gum, Fever Dream and Martha, all of which are superb. You can find more details on the singles club here. There will be another batch of singles released early next year which will include such talents as Bloomer, Sock Puppets, King Of Cats, Dog Legs and City Yelps.

Lucid Living cover art

2.The Almighty Rhombus - Butaine Brain (Self Released)
Taken from the surprisingly brilliant LP "Lucid Living" which can be purchased from here.

3. Four Tet - Kool FM [Container Remix] (Text)

FrontCover crop

4. The Wedding Present - Crawl (Scopitones)
The Wedding Present have just released the sixth in their "Live" series of albums. Each one represents a year in The Weddos lush history of excellence and this one is 1992. You get two shows, the first recorded at Den Haarg Paard in The Netherlands and the second at London's fine Brixton Academy. The album can be ordered as ever through the Scopitones website.

Unsafe & Sound cover art

5. Englishman - More Than Insects
This is a track from the "Unsafe And Sound" 7" EP which will be released on 19th November.

I-W + A + S (Box Cutter E.P.) cover art

6. The Illegal Wiretaps - Messenger Minus Message (Self Released)
From the six track E.P. "I-W+A+S (Box Cutter)" which you can download free here. Possibly their best work yet. The third track "Box Cutter" is a bit of a peach as well.

7. Upset - Queen Frosteen (Don Giovanni)
This is a blinder. It's the first LP from all girl trio Upset which comprises of various elements of  Best Coast, Vivian Girls and Hole. All of those previous incarnations are evident but without doubt Upset (which for some strange reason I want to keep spelling Upsett) have honed their very own noisy, melodic and abrasive sound. The fact of the matter is that "She's Gone" contains twelve of the best pop songs you'll hear this year. Do you really need to know any more. Hopefully they will at some point hop across the Atlantic to play some shows in Britain because I would bet serious money (if I had any) that they sound even better live.

The Faithful & Conscientious (Demo) cover art

8. Every Good Tree - The Faithful And Conscientious (Demo)
How nice is this. I have no information at all so I'll give you none beyond the possibility that Every Good Tree hail from California then again they might not. Regardless I'm sure you'll agree they make a terrific noise.

EP cover art

9. The Rainy Afternoons - Song For A Friend (Self Released)
I think this is the first E.P. by Dallas band The Rainy Afternoons. It's available for free download here.

10. EON - Spice (Vinyl Solution)
Simply a classic.

11. Like Like The The The Death - Cropsies (Latest Flame)
I think I listened to this LP a couple of weeks ago but must have been in a bad mood at the time as it seems to have improved itself. It's the new record from the irritatingly named Like Like The The The Death who come from Milwaukee. It's called "Cave Jenny" and is available now digitally although I think you have to wait until next week for the physical versions. Great noise.

Rattlesnake Live cover art

12. She Makes War - Disarm (Self Released)
This is a track from the seven track live LP "Rattlesnake Live" which was recorded in London in August.