Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Four)

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Dat Cruel God cover art

1. Dogs In Ecstasy - The Ballad Of Jinkx Monsoon (Self Released)
Taken from the Excellent "Dat Cruel God" EP which  you can buy as a digital download from their Bandcamp page or cassette (which is accompanied by download) from Organalog Records.

18 Collision cover art

2. Torpa - Collision (Self Released)
This is the latest digital release from Torpa and once again hits the high standards we have come to expect. This is the eighteenth Torpa release and you haven't heard the previous seventeen then you need to pop along to Torpa's Bandcamp page where you will be able to put things to rights. This single is possibly the most beautiful thing I've heard this week.

Anybody Silent cover art
3. Miniatures - Anybody Silent (Self Released)
Lovely new track from the Melbourne band. With a bit of luck a full LP might not be too far away?

"Annemarie Duff - Vocals/Programming
Ché Walden - Guitars/Bass/Programming

Produced by Miniatures
Mastered by Steven John Marr
Recorded throughout 2013 in Ché's bedroom"

RUN DUST - Trank Gun cover art

4. Run Dust - Glint Corp. (Tesla Tapes)
Another winner from Tesla Tapes, this time it's a six track cassette release by Run Dust. The info below mentions a Run Dust live show but I don't think I have the imagination to even begin to imagine what that must sound like. Pretty damn kickin' would be my guess.
"Oh yesssssss, Run Dust aka Ronald Dossier is back with an absolute killer half hour on his second release for Tesla. There's less vocals on Trank Gun but it feels twice as urgent and kicks like a cast iron mule to your face .When he first sent these tracks to Gnod HQ , i thought i was listening to a long lost Regis Peel session that was just too fucking HARD to air. This is a real good showcase for what a Run Dust live show is like too, its thick with confrontation and daring you to get closer whilst grinding you down with what sounds like a hyperactive genius pushing his machines to the point of combustion. Just stick this stuff on first thing in the morning and see for yourself, words can do no justice....
50 Cassettes."

5. The Book Burners - Keep Them Off Me (Latest Flame)
Taken from the LP "Peoples Songs" which was released this week on Latest Flame.

Hazy Past cover art

6. Four Visions - Hazy Past (Self Released)
"Hazy Past" is a small release and pairing of two new songs which will be included in a future full length record I've been working on in recent months. For this batch of tracks I'll be hand-dubbing and self-releasing a limited number of cassettes (30 in total) which will be available for purchase online soon."

7. Drop Electric - Higgs Boson (Lefse)
Taken from the LP "Waking Up To The Fire" which was released on Lefse Records last week.

8. Younghusband - Comets Crossed (Sonic Cathedral)
I must admit the first time I played this LP I was fearing the worst during the first track which I found a bit boring, but then track two started which is this one and the whole mood changed and never really looked back. "Dromes" is the debut LP by Londn band Younghusband and was released last month on Sonic Cathedral.

Motion Picture Actress - Water Lyf (feat. Keiiko)

9. Motion Picture Actress - Scream (Silo Arts)
Taken from the seven track mini LP "See Water" which was released digitally this week through Silo Arts.

10. Los Campesinos - Cemetery Gaits (Wichita/Turnstyle)
This is a track from the new Los Campesinos LP "No Blues" which was released just last week and represents a bit of a return to form after their last LP "Hello Sadness" which I found a bit disappointing.

11. Miss Halliwell - Rulerfueller (Self Released)
This is the new single from Miss Halliwell. I probably had loads of important information to give you but sadly the e-mail which might have contained that appears to have vanished so all I can say is... enjoy.

Mind Explosion EP cover art

12. Helicon - Kolorskope (Psyilocybin Sounds)
"Psyilocybin Sounds are pleased to announce the release of the double A side Mind Explosion 12" vinyl EP featuring the dark wave sounds of Glasgow's own Helicon and the trippy layered psych of Barcelona's Celestial Bums."

This 4-track vinyl only EP can be purchased exclusively here:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vienna Ditto - Ugly

You can catch Vienna Ditto at-

November 23rd - Oxford, O2 Academy 2
January 31st - Reading, Rising Sun Arts Academy

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Illegal Wiretaps - I-W+A+S (Box Cutter EP)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The FLK - The Folk Law

This is a new release from the mysterious group/person/artist/ensemble/aliens who like to refer to themselves as The FLK. You might remember they entertained us last year (or was it the year before) with their "We Know Where The Time Goes" LP which consisted of one thirty five minute track full of beats and clips of old folk songs. It worked rather well and left us... well me anyway wanting more.
...and here it is. You can't actually buy this anymore because it's already being deleted. It's an EP entitled "The Folk Law" and has The KLF's old motor emblazoned across it's sleeve which will no doubt add to the rumours that it is actually The KLF behind The FLK. Could be I suppose but I doubt it. The EP was released at the start of September and deleted twenty three days later. There were two hundred and thirty copies pressed and individually numbered on 12" vinyl. Presumably all of these have now being sold and neither love nor money will get you a copy. Whether or not this will be the last we'll hear from The FLK only time will tell but these four new tracks will keep us going for the time being.

1. Red Herring
2. May Mourning Eternal
3. Stick Stock
4. Old National Anthem

There is oddly enough a video for "May Morning Eternal" which can be viewed here.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Three)

You Wouldn't Anyway cover art

1. Loomer - Mammoth Butterfly (Midsummer Madness)
This is, as far as I can tell the debut release from Brazilian band Loomer. The first thing you'll notice is the fantastic sleeve. More importantly though it sounds pretty terrific as well. It's part of a digital release which contains two tracks, the other being a number called Dark Star which is also well worth a listen. You can download the whole release here.

2. Roly Porter - Gravity (Subtext)
Taken from the LP "Life Cycle Of A Massive Star" which is released this month on Subtext Recordings.

3. Too Much Texas - Hurry On Down (Ugly Man)
This is the a-side of the only record Too Much Texas released. It was issued as a 12" single on Ugly Man records back in 1988 and features Tom Hingley on vocals who was soon to have a little bit more success with Inspiral Carpets. Many people have never heard this record which I think is a bit of a shame.

4. Pixies - What Goes Boom (Self Released)
Well as far as I'm concerned the return of Pixies has been a slightly surprising success. I fully expected them to sound great live as you can discover elsewhere on this site but I wasn't expecting the new EP to pull up any trees. In the event not only does it pull them up but it also chops them into logs and sets fire them. The creativity titled "EP 1" was released last month to a crescendo of mixed reviews but I suspect most of them were expecting some kind of throwback to "Doolittle", although that said a couple of tracks on here could sit comfortably on that record. This would be one of them.

5. José Oyola and The Astronauts - Inside Out (Obscure Me)
One of two tracks on a new 7" single from the ever reliable Obscure Me label.

6. L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream [feat. Benjamin Zephaniah] (Ostgut Ton)
This slice of wonderment is taken from the new 12" by Luke Slater's L.B. Dub Corp. It's called "Turners House" and is available now on Ostgut Tom.

Newhouse cover art

7. Brief Candles - Dawn Bomb Parties (Self Released)
One of the most played records in my house at the moment is the new release from Brief Candles. It's called the "Newhouse EP" and is available in a selection of formats including 12" vinyl from their Bandcamp page. Recommended!

Contact cover art

8. Pet Friends - Money (Self Released)
Taken from the London Bands new EP "Contact " which you can download for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page.

9. Like Like The The The Death - Cry Tag (Latest Flame)
This is a superb record. Like Like The The The Death have been around for ages but this is the first record of theirs I've been privileged enough to hear in full. It's an LP called "Cave Jenny" and can  be ordered from the Latest Flame website where you will find yourself presented with a choice of red or black vinyl. Both will sound fantastic but one will look redder than the other. You'll certainly be hearing more from this lot around here.

'Nobody There' - New song!

10. Veronica Falls - Nobody There (Self Released)
New single from the mighty Veronica Falls. There last LP "Waiting For Something To Happen" is up with my favourite records from the last couple of years and I have a suspicion that the next LP will be at least as good. I grow damp in anticipation.

24th October - Brighton, Green Door Store (with Bleached)
30th October - Sydney, GoodGod Small Club 
31st October - Melbourne, Northcote Social Club 
2nd November - Singapore, Camp Symmetry Festival
6th November - Bankok, Voice Space
7th November - Tokyo, Freeman's Sporting Club
8th November - Tokyo, Cay
9th November - Tokyo, Est
10th November - Osaka, Noon
12th November - Hong Kong, Backstage

Jaded Edges cover art

11. The Savage Nomads - Jaded Edges (Self Released)
New track from the London band.

12. The Wave Pictures - Whiskey Bay (Moshi Moshi)
This fine track comes from the new Wave Pictures double LP "City Forgiveness" which includes no less than twenty tracks spread over two LP's or CD's depending on your preference. You should bear in mind though that the vinyl is white and therefore beyond lovely. These songs were apparently written last year as they spent six weeks driving around America in a small van with Allo Darlin'.

The Wave Pictures have a frightening amount of tour dates coming up...

Fri 25th - Chemnitz (GER) @ Lokomov
Sat 26th - Vienna (AUS) @ Chelsea TICKETS
Sun 27th - Rosenheim (GER) @ Hole Club - presented by Bebop Schallplatten
Mon 28th - Munich (GER) @ Strom TICKETS
Tue 29th - Nuremburg (GER) @ K4
Wed 30th - Zurich (GER) @ Helsinki TICKETS
Thu 31st - London (UK) @ Servant Jazz Quaters "Moshi Moshi 15th Birthday Party" TICKETS
Fri 1st - Bern (SWI) @ Cafe Kairo
Sat 2nd - Freiburg (GER) @ White Rabbit
Sun 3rd - Bärenbach (GER) @ Shortys'
Mon 4th - Colmar (FRA) @ Libellule Cafe
Tue 5th - Esslingen (GER) @ Komma
Wed 6th - Offenbach (GER) @ Hafen 2 TICKETS
Thu 7th - Wetzlar (GER) @ Franzis TICKETS
Fri 8th - Cologne (GER) @ Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld (Early show, 19.00hrs)
Sat 9th - Brussels (BEL) @ Le Chaff
Wed 13th - London (UK) @ Camden Jazz Cafe TICKETS
Wed 20th - Lille (FRA) @ La Peniche
Thu 21st - Evreux (FRA) @ l'Abordage TICKETS
Fri 22nd - Nantes (FRA) @ Stereolux
Sat 23rd - Bordeaux (FRA) @ I Boat
Tue 26th - Salamanca (SPA) @ Potemkin
Wed 27th - Madrid (SPA) @ Siroco
Thu 28th - Sevilla (SPA) @ Malander 2.0
Fri 29th - Málaga (SPA) @ París 15
Sat 30th - Granada (SPA) @ Planta Baja
Sun 1st - Valencia (SPA) @ Wah Wah
Mon 2nd - Tarragona (SPA) @ El Cau
Tue 3rd - Barcelona (SPA) @ Sidecar
Wed 4th - Zaragoza (SPA) @ La Lata de Bombillas
Thu 5th - Vitoria (SPA) @ Jimmy Jazz
Fri 6th - La Coruna (SPA) @ La Club
Sat 7th - Valladolid (SPA) @ Porta Caeli
Mon 9th - Dijon (FRA) @ Flannery's
Tue 10th - Paris (FRA) @ Wintercamp Festival TICKETS

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Illegal Wiretaps - Drones In Love EP

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Two)


1. Bailterspace - Open (Arch Hill Recordings)
We'll start this weeks Fodder with a track from the new Bailterspace LP "Trinine" which was released a couple of weeks ago on the Arch Hill label.

Autumn's Ectoplasm cover art

2. Paul J Fox - Phosphorus Blues (Self Released)
This little beauty is taken from a six track EP cunningly entitled "Autumns Ectoplasm" which can be downloaded in full from here.

Straight From The Dick cover art

3. Super Adventure Club - Dog With 2 Dicks (Armellodie)
What a great racket. Possibly the best band in Glasgow at the moment Super Adventure Club will release their brilliant new record "Straight From The Dick" on Aremellodie Records on 2nd December. This lot really are special and I cant recommend this LP highly enough. Pre-order your copy here.


4. Fins - Passing (Obscure Me)
Superb stuff. You might remember their excellent "Lawnmower" release which seems like ages ago now. Well they are back with six brand new tracks on a release entitled... well "Fins". It will be released through Obscure Me on 29th October. According to the press release it will be initially released as a limited edition cassette run. Personally I think it would sound rather nice on 10" vinyl but perhaps that's just me.

5. Javelins - Admiral Airwave (Suburban Sprawl)
A new track from Javelins which was released a couple of weeks ago on lovely pink 7" vinyl as you can see from the very sexy picture above. You can get yours here.

Product Details

6. Pop Will Eat Itself - 1-800 Outsider (Cherry Red)
Taken from the album "A Lick Of The Old Cassette Box (The Lost 1996 album)" which has just been released on Cherry Red as an accompaniment to the remastered re-issue of Pop Will Eat Itself's 1994 LP "Dos Dedos Mis Amigos". It's made up of previously unreleased tracks from 1996-1996 which you immediately think must be shit otherwise they would have been released at the time. I can announce however that there are some tracks on here which are well worth a listen.  

Tone Rodent - Shadows Come cover art

7. Tone Rodent - Shadows Come (TBTCI)
Brand new track from the excellent Tone Rodent brought to us courtesy of those nice chaps at The Blog That Celebrates Itself.

Final Renaissance of Man cover art

8. Panophonic - Back One More Time (Patetico)
Taken from the superb remix album "The Final Renaissance Of Man" which has actually been evading me since 2011. You can download the whole thing here.

9. Wild Eyes - Lose Your Head (Self Released)
This has been around for a couple of months now. It was in fact released on my birthday back in July. It's one of two tracks on a digital single from the Los Angeles band. The other track "Beneath Your Skin" is pretty smart as well. Both can be downloaded here.

Sway cover art
10. Tape Deck Mountain - Half Life (Self Released)
I've been waiting to hear the full version of this LP for ages and finally, this very week my wait came to an end. The new LP by Tape Deck Mountain is called "Sway" and is everything I wanted it to be. Lot's of noise and great tunes, I mean... what more can a man ask for? There was a limited edition lathe cut vinyl version but there were only twenty copies all of which I believe have now sold out. In fact the only reason I mention that is so you can be as pissed off as me that you will probably never own one.

11. Pale Saints - Half Life Remembered (4AD)
Taken from the 1991s "Half Life EP".


12. Kitchens Of Distinction - I Wish It Would Snow (3 Loop Music)
Taken from the long awaited new Kitchens Of Distinction LP "Folly" which was released this week on 3 Loop Music.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Illegal Wiretaps - Never

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vast Robot Armies - Goodnight Myopia

Monday, October 07, 2013

Paul J Fox - Autumns Ectoplasm

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Peopling - Dandelion Radio Session

Friday, October 04, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty One)

Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt cover art

1. Azure Blue - The Road I Know (Fika)
This would be some of that there pop music then! From the new Azure Blue lp which was released this week on Fika Recordings comes this fine track. Actually this is a pretty good marker for the whole lp which has the slightly less uplifting title "Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt". There is, or was a limited edition maroon vinyl run but I'm pretty sure those have now sold out so you'll just have to make do with the deluxe 180g gatefold double black vinyl version which can be ordered here.

2. Nonagon - The Pfister (Controlled Burn)
The Controlled Burn website informes you that the new Nonagon record is designed to be played loudly and I can only echo that view. Mind you I always think most things sound better at ear splitting volume but that's just the kind of chap I am. This is the second track on side 1 of the new Nonagon 12" which contains six brand new tracks. One question still remains though... What the devil is a Hydronaut?

VAMPIRE SLAYER - Makeout Weird

3. Vampire Slayer - Road Kill (Indian Gold)
"Valentin Torres’ recent re-location in Los Angeles has certainly influenced his album. “Makeout Weird” is his most urban release yet, the perfect soundtrack for a worrying night-shift, driving through half-asleep suburbs, alone with your sentimental misery and pointless desires.
Vampire Slayer music is dark and has been built for lonely all-nighters. Like on his recent EP Silence Wave, beats are everywhere and give the tone to the whole record, oscillating between adrenaline peaks (“Feet Fetish”, “Road Kill”, “Heartbreaker”) and creeping grooves (“Breathe”, “Brick”). In this record Valentin let express his dark IDM & electronic influences, all the tracks of “Makeout Weird” are enveloped in a nocturnal steam, full of sexual tension and freak situations. By mixing his vicious experiments with evocative & modern beats, Vampire Slayer succeeds to create an insidious album full of contrasts."

"Makeout Weird" is released this week on cassette and digital. For more info have a gander here.

brother the lights don't work cover art

4. The Rutabega - The Shaman (Self Released)
This is one of eight great tracks on the new LP by The Rutabega who have been releasing records for ages yet all of them have somehow evaded my house. The new record was released back in June and celebrates under the fine title of "Brother The Lights Don't Work". It's easy to compare bands to other bands and sounds to other bands and if I was going to go down that line (which I clearly am) I would probably say that this record reminds me a bit of Teenage Fanclub when they were good but that would be a bit unfair because The Rutabega are better than Teenage Fanclub and the next week is likely to be taken up trying to track down all of their previous releases. "Brother The Lights Don't Work" is available on CD for the boring or if you like your records to sound good you can get it on black vinyl and if you like it to sound good and look great all at the same time there is what is described as a coke bottle clear vinyl edition which should meet all your needs and desires. Have a look here.

5. The Shamen - Jesus Loves America (Ediesta)
It's being a very long time since I last heard this record. It was released as a 12" back in 1988 on Ediesta Records.

6. Sky Larkin - Newsworthy (Wichita)
Taken from the Leeds bands new LP "Moto" which was released a couple of weeks ago on Wichita. There is a very nice clear vinyl gatefold edition which you can purchase here.

Scenic - Hours On End

7. Scenic - Hours On End (Future Classic)
Taken from the "Shockwaves EP" which was released this week on Future Classic.

8. The Lloyd Pack - Poolside Chat
Love this track. It may not be the most catchy tune in the world but it certainly hits the spot for me. It comes from the new album by the brilliantly named Lloyd Pack. The LP is called "At Home With The Lloyd Pack". The bad news is it seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere. Let's hope a second run is forthcoming.

Fearbox’s avatar

9. Fearbox - Disko (Self Released)
Taken from the new album "Futurism" which will be released on 25th November and available through the Fearbox Bandcamp page.

"The second album by the North East based artist Fearbox aka Ian Todd is a concept album about the Docklands in London. From the original docks to the run down 1980’s through to the modern utopia of Canary Wharf. Tracks from the album have already been played on BBC Introducing on BBC Radio Newcastle.
The album soundtracks the evolving landscape of the area from industrial heartlands to wastelands through to the modern vision of glass buildings and commerce. Found industrial sounds clash with synths and disco beats, evoking the time of great change. Noisy soundscapes meet dance beats as the area develops over time. Change is inevitable as the future arrives.
The album was completed over the course of 2013 after starting life as a concept single and gradually developed into a long player. Guest spoken vox are provided by Teeside based spoken word artist Carmen Thompson and Northern songwriting  troubadour Jay Stansfield."
"Futurism" will be released on 25th November. I'll probably remind you about it again before then.

Whatever Happened Tomorrow cover art
10. The Chambermaids - Electric Sky (Self Released)
I must have played this mini-album a hundred times over the last week. It's the debut release from the Minneapolis band, nine brilliant tracks in a collection entitled "Whatever Happened Tomorrow" and is available on a range of formats from their Bandcamp page. Personally I'm just looking forward to their next release.

Glacier cover art

11. Teen Daze - Forest At Dawn (Lefse)
This is one of the of the tracks I keep coming back to on the lovey new album Teen Daze LP "Glacier". It's a lot more ambient than previous releases and the last two track are simply sublime.

12. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Jaggerbog (Strange Fruit)
For some reason earlier this week I decided to give this a spin for the first time in ages and it still sounds pretty smart to my ears. The New Fads as they were more often known were one of those bands who had their own definitive sound and honed it to perfection as is beautifully demonstrated in their Peel Session which were both released in 1991 as one of those mini-album things Strange Fruit liked to put out from time to time.

Javelins - Admiral Airwave

Javelins - "Admiral Airwave"
Javelins - "Admiral Airwave." From the Admiral Airwave 7 Inch. Out September 24th, 2013.

Bailterspace - Films Of You

This is a track from the new Bailterspace LP "Trinine" which was released last week on Fire Records

"Following a triumphant return last year that saw them tearing through the main stage at the Laneway Festival and further cement their deserved reputation as one of the loudest bands of all-time, the original lineup of New Zealand legends Bailterspace now unleash a new album of thundering psychgaze with Trinine."

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Public Service Broadcasting - Night Mail

This is the video for the new single from Public Service Broadcasting. Night Mail is taken from the duo's recent and superb LP "Inform-Educate-Entertain" and will be released on 4th November

Monday 4th November - The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Tuesday 5th November - Oran Mor, Glasgow
Wednesday 6th November - The Picture House, Edinburgh
Friday 7th November - Academy 2, Manchester
Saturday 8th November - Warehouse 34, Newcastle
Sunday 9th November - The Leadmill, Sheffield
Tuesday 11th November - Stylus, Leeds
Wednesday 12th November - Library, Birmingham
Thursday 13th November - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
Friday 14th November - Sugarmill, Stoke on Trent
Saturday 15th November - Stiff Kitten,
Sunday 16th November - Button Factory, Dublin
Tuesday 18th November - Junction, Cambridge
Thursday 20th November - The Forum, London
Friday 21th November - Globe, Cardiff
Monday 25th November - East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
Tuesday 26th November - Anson Rooms, Bristol
Wednesday 27th November - Concorde 2, Brighton
Thursday 28th November - The Brook, Southampton