Friday, September 06, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Twenty Seven)

Three Against Four cover art

1. Radiant Republic - Second To Last (Sick Room)
This superb noise comes from the new Radient Republic lp "Three Against Four" which will be released on Sick Room in early October. You can sample some more of this fine creation here.

2. Joanna Gruesome - Sugarcrush (Fortuna  Pop/Slumberland)
One big pleasure this week has been listening to the new Joanna Gruesome album. I don't usually listen to a whole lp in one sitting but I found it pretty much impossible to stop it. It's called "Weird Sister" and will be released on 16th September on Fortuna Pop unless you happen to be on the states on which case yours will be on the ever reliable Slumberland label.

15 lo-fi Super Hits cover art

3. Paul J Fox - 13-01-04 [Achy Breaky Dub] (Self Released)
Magnificent stuff and no mistake. This is a track from a new Paul J Fox release entitled "15 lo-fi Super Hits". You can download the whole thing here.

Dead Celebration cover art

4. Maniqui Lazer - Teeth Wound (Holy Dead Recordings)
Taken from the album "Dead Celebration" which appears to be the first release on Holy Dead Recordings.


5. The Lovely Eggs - I Just Want To Fall In Love (Egg)
Following on from their superb set at Indietracks which you can download in it's entirety here, I realised that I had somehow managed to miss their last LP "Wildlife" which was released at the back end of last year. After several kettles of boiling water had been poured on my feet as punishment I purchased a copy of the record and what a treat it is. It's their third long player following their previous LP's "If You Were Fruit" and the classic "Cob Domino's" which should reside in every record collection. Sadly the vinyl version is now sold out on their website but if you search hard enough I'm sure you can track one down.


6. Eros And The Eschaton - Heaven Inside (Bar/None)
Taken from the album "Home Address For Civil War" which is available through Bar/None Records.

Prefix Premiere: Silver Soul- "Distinguish"

7. Silver Soul - Distinguish
What a great track. It's the first to be lifted from the Canadian bands forthcoming long player "Of Guts And Glory" which will be released on 23rd September.

8. Pixies - Indie Cindy (Self Released)
Well this was a bit of a surprise. I never saw this coming. It's a new four track E.P. by Pixies simply entitled "E.P.1" which is good in that it implies there may be an E.P.2 at some point. People will call it a comeback but it's not really because Black Francis has been making perfectly good records in various guises for years. To release something under the Pixies banner though will certainly bring more interest than usual. The E.P. kicks off with "Andro Queen" which is probably one of the best pop songs the Boston outfit have ever performed (really). The highlight for me though is "Indie Cindy" which is every bit as good as we could ever expect The Pixies to be, which is pretty damn good. The E.P. can be bought in a whole range of packages from their website including a limited edition 10" vinyl of which there are 5000 pressed.

Everything’s Shining Bright, the Lazy Recordings 1985-87 2CD

9. The Primitives - Nothing Left (Cherry Red)
This is a track from "Everything's Shining Bright-The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987" which as the title might give away is the complete set of recording The Primitives made for that label between those dates. While many of the tracks on  this 2CD set have been released on various releases in the past their is still sufficient unreleased material to make this a more than interesting collection. Seven tracks on are early versions of songs which would later be re-recorded and released on the Coventry band's debut album "Lovely" in 1988 after the band had signed to a major label. Personally I find these less produced versions rather more magical than the finished articles with which we are more familiar.


10. Painted In - When You Sleep (Self Released)
This is the first track on a four track E.P. which you can download here. I say four tracks, there's actually eight but the last four are instrumental versions of the first four and actually sound pretty nice. And yes this is a cover of the My Bloody Valentine classic.

11. Sky Larkin - Overgrown [Dreamtrak Version] (Wichita)
A lovely version of a track which appears on the Leeds bands new album "Motto" which will be released on 16th September through Wichita Records. The band also have quite a few dates lined up to support the new record.
Sky Larkin tour the UK in September:
Tue 17th - London, Lexington 
Wed 18th - Leicester, Firebug 
Thu 19th - Sheffield, The Harley 
Sat 21st - Glasgow, Cut Loose show 
Mon 23rd - Leeds, Brudenell 
Tue 24th - Southampton, Joiners 
Thu 26th - Cardiff, Ten Feet Tall 
Sat 28th - Aldershot, West End Centre

BG058 | Nick's Song cover art

12. Songs For Walter - Nick's Song (Bleeding Gold)
This has been knocking around for the last few weeks but I kept forgetting to stick it in. It's a new track from Manchester band Songs For Walter who are currently out and about in the UK.

7th September - Liverpool, Maquire's Pizza Bar
8th September - Manchester, Canal Festival, Brownsfield Mill
14th September - Fest No.6
20th September - Manchester, Fuel, Withington
21st September - Manchester, Salford Lads Club (8pm) and the Castle (10pm) 
27th September - Belfast, Mac
12th October - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
9th November - Manchester, The Star and Garter

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