Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Twenty Nine)

1. Tomorrows Tulips - Flowers On The Wall (Burger)
Taken from Tomorrows Tulips second album "Exprimental Jelly". There were 300 copies pressed on heavenly peach coloured vinyl but those have sold out so black looks the way to go.

2. Kitchens Of Distinction - Japan To Jupiter (3 Loop Music)
I've been looking forward to the new Kitchens Of Distinction lp for ages and it's almost here. In the meantime enjoy this new single which describes itself as a radio edit suggesting the version which we will enjoy on the album "Folly" when it appears on 30th September will be longer.

3. Clark - Suns Of Temper [Bear Paw Kicks Version] (Warp)
This is a track from the double album of remixes "Feast/Beast" which has recently been released on the legendary Warp label of Sheffield. The first half of the collection "Feast" seems to contain more friendly, lighter recordings than the second half "Beast" which is where some of the better action is as far as I'm concerned. 

4. White Poppy - Dead Night (Not Not Fun)
Taken from the self-titled album which is available through the superb Not Not Fun Label.

5. Grooms - Iskra Goodbye (Western Vinyl)
Taken from the album "Infinity Caller".

6. Sebadoh - State Of Mine (Joyful Noise)

I don't know why but I never expect too much from bands who have been around for years. I suppose I think they must have got all of the good creative stuff out of their system in the first few years and many many bands have adhered to that philosophy. There are of course exceptions, how else could you explain The (mighty) Fall still producing the goods after about five hundred years and several thousand lp's.
So Sebadoh have a new lp released this week on Joyful Noise Records and it is.... pretty damn good. If you heard the single "I Will" a couple of months ago you'll know what to expect but I must confess I for one was a bit shocked that I got through the first lp from Sebadoh in fourteen years without getting bored. I doesn't sound like they have been away at all. If you liked them back in the 90's this is a record for you.
As you may detect from the picture above "Defend Yourself" is available in a whole bee hive of formats, none better than the limited edition red vinyl with bonus 7" which is limited to 2550 copies but there is of course black vinyl (with mp3), digital CD and cassette all of which can be found here.

7. Minor Alps - I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands (Barsuk)
This is a track from the new Minor Alps lp "Get There" which will be released on Barsuk Records on 29th October.
Whatever Happened Tomorrow cover art

8. The Chambermaids - I Wonder Why (Old Blackberry Way/Guilt Ridden Pop)
Loving this lp at the moment. It's the new long player from The Chambermaids entitled "Whatever Happened Tomorrow" will be released next week on Guilt Ridden Pop. Vinyl versions can be ordered from their Bandcamp page as is the usual operation these days.

9. The Heartthrobs - I Wonder Why (One Little Indian)
A completely unrelated "I Wonder Why" was released back in 1990 by The Heartthrobs who I don't mind admitting having a bit of a soft spot for at the time. This track was released as a single in the run-up to the release of their debut album "Cleopatra Grip" which in my opinion didn't get the attention it deserved. Good to hear this again.

10. Man With No Name - Way Out West (Spiral)
It's been years since I last heard this but I came across it once again last week while sorting through some piles of old records. Yes it sounds a bit, well a lot dated but I do like that early nineties techno sound. Time for a revival if you ask me. Some classic samples in evidence here as well. It was released back in 1990 on Spiral with a track called "Within The Mind Of My 909" on the b-side.
Short Trip EP cover art
11. The Moments - Short Trip (Self Released)
Very nice indeed. This is the title track from a new two track single which you can download free from their Bandcamp page. I can't tell you anything at all about the band as I know nowt. On their Bandcamp page it mentions Japan so I suppose they could be from there but they don't sound Japanese but then what does Japanese sound like?

cover art

12. Body/Head - Actress (Matador)
If you thought you had seen the back of Kim Gordon when Sonic Youth broke up a while back you were wrong. Body/Head consists of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace and they have produced a very noisy record entitled "Coming Apart". It certainly won't disappoint the Sonic Youth fans and has certainly put a smile on my face. It's one of those lp's where you have to listen to the whole thing in one sitting because you just don't know what's coming next, unlike watching York City at the moment where you have a very good idea what's about to happen.

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