Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Twenty Eight)

GWEN cover art

1. Golden Blonde - Joan
This is a track from the Australian bands debut album "Gwen" which was released last week.

Summer Girls cover art

2. Pacific UV - Summer Girls (Self Released)
New single from Pacific UV.

Cover art - Various Artists: Ldnwht 1

3. Bleaching Agent - Wakefield Polish (LDNwht)
What a brilliant track! In fact what a brilliant EP. I'm listening to this for the first time at almost 7.30 on a damp Saturday morning in York and what a way to start the day. I was just about to consider the option of frying two eggs for breakfast but after hearing the four tracks on here that option has gone. Not because of the music itself but more because Nix was still sleeping upstairs and didn't take too kindly to being awaken by a wonderful electronic noise. I wouldn't mind personally but she seems to have taken it personally and the
eggs which once could have been breakfast have become a sloppy mess on the floor. I don't know anything about the label LDNwht apart from it means London White and this is the first release. According to their facebook page LDN002 is not far away either but I'll make sure I've had my breakfast in future.


4. Hoax - No Spirit (Self Released)
Taken from the Massachusetts bands debut self-titled LP which you can pick up from their website.

5. Stuntcat - Calm Down Pink (Self Released)
This is the first track on the new Stuntcat "Dark Heart EP" which free to download from their website. Very nice indeed. I'll be keeping my eye on these.

Our Lord's Secret Service cover art
6. The Citradels - Sway (Self Released)
What a great track. It's taken from the new Citradels LP which you can download in full here.

Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt cover art

7. Azure Blue - Time Is On Our Side (Fika)
This fine track comes from the new Azure Blue album "Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt" which you can still get (if your very quick) on lovely maroon coloured vinyl. Definitely one of the best pop albums of the year so far. Talking of which it's about time we had a new lp from Sambassadeur to get excited about.

Darling Adharma cover art

8. Spökraket - Repetition Will Save Your Life (Raum Eins)
This track is taken from the new Spökraket LP "Darling Adharma" which was released this week on Raum Eins Records as a double CD-r or 90 minute cassette. I really struggled to pick a track for this Fodder as there are quite a few on here that you really need to hear "The Gospel According To George Epstein" in particular, but if I had used that track I wouldn't have been able to do this...

9. The Fall - Repetition (Step Forward)
Well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that now could I?

17 The Completists cover art

10. Torpa - Something Rebel Dub (Self Released)
Yet another blinding release from Torpa. This, the seventeenth release contains six tracks of which this is the first. It celebrates under the title of "The Completists" and can be downloaded in full from Torpa's Bandcamp page along with the other sixteen releases if your that way inclined.

11. Destruction Unit - The Holy Ghost (Sacred Bones)
Taken from the LP "Deep Trip" which was released last month on Sacred Bones.

12. Big Hard Excellent Fish - And The Question Remains (One Little Indian)
This is the superb new single by Big Hard Excellent Fish. It will be released on One Little Indian on 23rd September.