Friday, September 27, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty)

1. Trips And Falls - Static Is A Serious Issue (Song By Toad)
Superb stuff from the Montreal bands new album snappily titled "The Inevitable Consequences Of Your Stupid Behaviour" which will be released on 14th October through Scotland's fine Song, By Toad label. You can pre-order the lp here.

Fly Toward The Sun cover art

2. Swan Dive - Fly Toward The Sun (Day By Day)
This track is taken from a fine E.P. released last week on the Day By Day label. You can purchase the whole thing here.

Josephine - remix ep cover art

3. Flies On You - Josephine [Rougher Than A Dockers Chin Remix] (Self Released)
One of ten remixes on the Leeds bands "Josephine Remix" E.P. which you can download free from their Bandcamp page.

Country of Eight Islands cover art

4. The Illegal Wiretaps - I Kissed Her First (Self Released)
Taken from the huge album, 30 tracks no less "Country Of Eight Islands" which you can download free from their Bandcamp page.

5. Tape Deck Mountain - Half Life (Nineteen98)
Tape Deck Mountain will finally release their new album "Sway" on 1st October and from it comes this fine track. I think I've probably heard about half of the record and am really looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

Sirens and Satellites cover art

6. SPC ECO - Free Fall (Self Released)
Taken from the new LP "Sirens and Satellites" which is available as a download from their Bandcamp site. I don't know if their is a vinyl version knocking around and I hope there will be because that picture will look fantastic on a 12" sleeve.

7. The Fall - Free Range (Live Recording)
I just can't resist an excuse to play The Fall. This fine work dates from way back in 1992 when Fall records were far too well produced. I tend to prefer records which sound a bit mucky and unkempt if you know what I mean. There's no denying this as a classic though. This version was recorded at Manchester Roadhouse.

8. Pixies - Big New Prinz (Live Recording)
...and while we're on the subject of the mighty ones this isn't half bad either. It's not unknown for Pixies to perform the odd cover version here and there and by and large they tend to do a pretty fine job. Their takes on The Jesus And Mary Chain's "Head On" and Neil Young's "Winterlong" spring to mind but now the bar has been set at an almost insurmountable height as they turn their not inconsiderable talents to a Fall song. It's rare that anyone attempts to replicate a Fall song as usually it results in being stoned to death in a playground just outside Manchester for blasphemy but I think Black Francis and co have just about got away with it and I would like to hear a studio version on their next E.P. They played this track on all three of their recent shows in Los Angeles and I have to report to you that it sounds pretty damn good.

9. The Adelines - Alleyways
I know this has been around a while but I've only just got a copy.

Mark Pritchard

10. Mark Prichard feat. The Ragga Twins - 1,2,3,4 (Warp)
This fine noise is from the new Mark Prichard EP "Lock Off" which is the second in a series of three EP releases the first being the impressive "Ghosts" EP which appeared a couple of months ago and is also well worth a punt if you haven't already.

11. Sealings - Cruel World (Italian Beach Babes)
How raw does this sound? You should probably listen to this at maximum volume. It's one of four tracks on a cassette from the Italian Beach Babes label on which I notice Sealings also have a 12" e.p. available, limited to 300 copies and on green vinyl. The problem is I don't own a copy of that and that knowledge is quite likely to ruin my weekend. Mind you I'm going to watch York City tomorrow so it would most likely have been ruined anyway.
12. Sunken Seas - Cataclysm (Self Released)
The title track from the Wellington band's new EP.

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