Sunday, September 08, 2013

John Peel - 31st July 1997

Period Pains - Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?)Scarfo - Luxury Plane CrashLance Gambit Trio, The* - Cocktail 2000Revolutionaries* - Headache17 Years - 17 YearsRegis - We Said No / AlliesRing Of Truth (2) - The Horse / The Last TimeScan X - Lost

Featuring the excellent Policecat in session.

Nico And Makai - Omen (No U Turn)
Period Pains - Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are (Damaged Goods)
Tofu Love Frogs - Arkansas Traveler (Mrox)
Policecat - Blue Movie (Session)
Neuropolitoque - Politique Theme (New Electronica)
Scarfo - Pajo Gear (Deceptive)
Lance Gambit Trio - Mysterious Girl (Music For Leisure)
Revolutionaries - Bellyache (Disco Dubs) 
17 Years - 3 Chords (GMM)
Policecat - Give Us This Day (Session)
Regis - We Said No (Nouvelle Structures)
Cliff Richard and The Shadows - We Say Yeah
Ring Of Truth - The Horse (Sound Archive)
Starkey Banton (Fashion)
Sonora Pine - Snows Cut Snapshots (Quarterstick)
Scan X - Futuristic Funk (F Communication)
Disdain - Give It Up (Pale Moon)
Wnico - Gasoline (Charnel House)
Vendettas - Gasoline
Policecat - Dark Holiday (Session)
Vinylgroover - The Big Bang (World Of Obsession)
Topper - Hapus (Ankst)
Ivor Cutler - Perverse (Creation)
Arab Strap - Hey! Fever (Chemikal Underground) 
Policecat - Lone Rider (Session)
Dean Stanback - I Still Love You (Kent)
DJ Future Shock - The Box Is Banging Quite A Bit (Southwest)
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing [The Remix] (31 Records)
 Vendettas, The (2) - Can't StopFade & Bananaman / DJ Vinylgroover* - Calypso Summer Remix 97 / The Big BangTopper (4) - Something To Tell HerIvor Cutler - A Wet HandleArab Strap - The Girls Of Summer EPDJ Future Shock - The Techno Connection EPNasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (The Remix) / March

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