Friday, September 06, 2013

John Peel - 20th January 1991

Capleton - God Mi Love We Nuh Love SatanOrchids, The (2) - Penetration E.P.Monster Magnet - MurderGreenhouse - Mad As LoveChemlab - 10 Ton Pressure Heavenly - Heavenly Vs. SatanWake, The - Make It LoudBoss Hog - Cold Hands

Featuring Session tracks from Ugly Music Show and The Orb 

Greenhouse - Mad As Love (Native)
Chemlab - I Still Bleed (Fifth Column)
Capleton - God Mi Love Me Nuh Satan (Bravo The Best Baby Father)
Ugly Music Show - Been Here Before (Session)
Johnny Bokelo Esengi - Bijou 
The Orchids - How Does That Feel (Sarah)
Heavenly - Lemonhead Boy (Sarah)
The Wake - Firestone Tyres (Sarah)
Boss Hog - Gerard (Amphetamine Reptile)
3 X Dope - Mr Sandman (City Beat)
Cadillacs - Gloria ()
Ugly Music Show - White Horses (Session)
The Orb - Backside Of The Moon [Tranquility Lunar Orbit]/Into The Fourth Dimension [Essence Of Starlight] (Session)

Monster Magnet - Tractor (Primo Scree)

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