Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Hard Excellent Fish - And The Question Remains

In 1989 dancer Michael Clark approached Josie Jones and Jake Walters of Big Hard Excellent Fish to write a piece of music for his forthcoming work with the Phoenix Dance Company.  Josie Jones, formerly of Pete Wylies Mighty Wah! asked Pete to work with them on this and theImperfect List was born: a sober, chilling - and very heartfelt cry and denouncement of Britains then-ills.
Michaels choreography with the Phoenix Dance Company was performed at Sadlers Wells and the track also featured in the South Bank Shows documentary about him.
 The track was subsequently re-recorded with Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins and released as a 12 in 1990 with a remix by Andy Weatherall. In 2004 the track found a new audience when Morrissey began using it to open his shows  which he continues to do to this day.
After many requests in subsequent years to update, it was not until 2011 when approached by One Little Indian that Big Hard Excellent Fish decided that the time was right - the political climate not that different from that of the 1980s. Infact not that much has changed at all: Religion, Greed, Murdoch, WMDs, Hate Crimes, the Banking Crisis, Child Poverty, crooked Judges, Jeremy Wanker Clarkson And The Question Remains: Where Were You..?
 And The Question Remains, written by Josie and Ian C is accompanied by two very different alternate versions - the Silver Bullet version with music by Erik Legrang & Nina Walsh and the Rootmasters version with music by Ian C & James Clancy.