Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Darling Buds - Port Talbot, 16th July 1987

For those who have forgotten or maybe just didn't know how good The Darling Buds were in 1987, before they signed to epic and got tidied up. This performance is exactly what you want from a new band, energetic, passionate and great tunes. I particularly like their reading of Love Me Tender which let's face it is a brave thing for any band to do.

Download Here

Shame On You
Just To Be Seen
If I Said
It's All Up To You
Just May Be The One
When It Feels Good
I Couldn't Remember
Mary's Got To Go
The Other Night
Think Of Me
Love Me Tender
Shame On You
If I Said

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mogwai - Barbican Hall, London, 26th July 2013

This is a superb live recording of Mogwai performing their soundtrack of "Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait" recorded at the Barbican Hall in London just the other night.

Black Spider I
Wake Up And Go Berserk
Black Spider II
Untiltled I
Black Spider III
Half Time
Terrific Speech I
I Do Have Weapons
Untitled II
Time And A Half
It Would Have Happened Anyway
Terrific Speach II
Untitled III
Secret Pint

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Twenty One)

1. Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Fakin' NYC (Fire)
Possibly the best record I've heard this week is the second album by the Aussie band (I won't mention the cricket!) with the peculiar name. I read in another review somewhere that it has a New York sound about it and that I can tell you is true. Perhaps it's not that surprising as the album, according to the Fire Records website "Documents his move from Melbourne to New York to follow a girl". He being a chap called Craig Dermody who has created a bit of a masterpiece here. The album is called "Any Port In A Storm" and I can tell you with more confidence than Fernando Torres in front of goal that your life really needs this record. The band are currently on tour and these are the remaining dates.

27 July: Karrera Klub, Berlin, Germany
1 August: Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
3 August: The Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK
7 August: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
8 August: Tie Dye Tapes, Sheffield, UK
9 August: Head of Steam, Newcastle, UK
10 August: Sound It Out Records (in store), Stockton on Tees, UK
10 August: Rook & Gaskill, York, UK
11 August: Urban Outfitters (instore), York, UK
13 August: Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK 
14 August: Arts Centre, Colchester, UK
15 August: The Music Exchange (instore), Nottingham, UK
15 August: The Hairy Dog, Derby, UK 
16 August: Yard Party Festival, London, UK 
16 August: Flashback (instore), London, UK

2. White Poppy - Wear Me Away (Not Not Fun)
The first taste of the self-titled debut album from White Poppy which will be released on Not Not Fun records on 3rd September.

BULBOUT cover art

3. Peopling - Bulbout In Bloom (Self Released)
One of three tracks on a fine E.P. which is currently available to download via Bandcamp and will soon be available as a seven inch single.

Even Upon The Sea cover art

4. I Am Your Captain - Less Than Shadow (Self Released)

An Object

  5. No Age - C'Mon Stimmung (Sub Pop)
Finally we get some new material from the superb No Age who, I'm sure you remember have given us a couple of great lp's in the last few years but have been far too quiet recently. In fact it's been three years since their last record "Everything In Between". Fear not though because they are back with a brand new lp which will be released on Sub Pop on 20th August. It's called "An Object" and hopefully it will be brimming with tunes just like this one which has been released to promote the bands forthcoming fourth album. If you pre-order from the Sub Pop website you will also receive a limited edition No Age beach ball!

6. Recondite - Libria (Dystopian)
The first of four tracks on Recondite's "EC10" E.P. which was released earlier in the year and I'm ashamed to say I have only just got to hear.


7. Kitten Forever - Black Ice (Guilt Ridden Pop)
Without a doubt the most played record in my household at the moment is the new release from Kitten Forever. It's called "Pressure" and presents itself in the delicious form of two coloured seven inch singles containing all thirteen songs. Well that's the limited edition anyway, there are the usual CD and digital formats as well of course and no matter which you choose there's no getting away from the fact that every track on here is totally wonderful and demands to be played at wall destroying volume. Don't worry about your neighbours, they'll love it.

Everyone's Dying cover art

8. Finnmark! - Everyone's Dying (February)
What a great track. This is the first tune I've heard from the Leeds band and it certainly makes you want more. Let's hope it won't be too long before we get a full album of this stuff.

The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight (EP) cover art

9. Death Valley Rally - Come On (Planting Seeds)
This is the first track on Death Valley Rally's new six track E.P. "The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight" which will be released on 27th August on Planting Seeds.

10. Poeticat - Rooftops (Self Released)

Blessed Suffering cover art

11. Pill Friends - Parking Lot Graves (Self Released)
This really is a pretty damn fine album. Released on Bandcamp last week you can download all 10 tracks for just $1.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Peopling - Bulbout

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Twenty)

1. Arts and Leisure - Rescue Me (Test Pattern)
This album has been doing some serious time on my ipod over the last week or so. It's the tremendous debut album by Sacramento band Arts and Leisure, entitled "Choose Your Adventure" it will be released on 7th September on Test Pattern Records. Apparently it will also be the labels first release on vinyl which is also well worth celebrating. To be honest there isn't a bad track on here and although comparisons are sure to be drawn with various old indie-pop groups Arts and Leisure have created a sound all of their own. My only gripe (there's always one) is that they could have put a couple more tracks on it.

Shut Your Mouth cover art

2. Bete Noire - Shut Your Mouth (Self Released)
This is one of two freat tracks on a free digital single which you can download here.

3. SNTS - S5 (SNTS)
If you like a thumping, booming bass then this will be right up your alley. I can't really give you much more information than that except that it comes from a lovely four track E.P. called "Chapter 2" on which every attempts to murder you with bass heavy percussion. Nothing wrong with that, on fact it should be encouraged.

chance cover art

4. Kigo - Leave Me Behind (Self Released)
How nice is this. It's a track from the latest free E.P. from Kigo and it can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page along with all of their other wonderful wares. If you don't have their previous releases I suggest you get over there at once!!!  

Day-Glo Dreams

5. Helen Love - Spin Those Records (Elefant)
Elefant Records are certainly keeping themselves busy at the moment with a whole flurry of quality releases coming out of the Spanish label. Last week you heard new records from Helen Love and Belle Ghoul (might have been a fortnight ago but whose counting). This week we have tracks from another two of their new releases starting with this track which comes from a new album by Helen Love which is called "Day Glo Dreams" and does exactly what you want a Helen Love album to do, but better. I reckon this is probably the best of their six album thus far. There is a limited edition of 500 white vinyl copies which can be ordered from the Elefant Records website.

imagen foto

6. The Yearning - Everybody Knows [I'm Still In Love With You] (Elefant)
Yet another pop classic from Elefant. This is the first track on The Yearning's new 10" mini album "Still In Love". If you like The School you'll love these.


7. Metasplice - Dioxinition (Delsin)
I think this album has been around for a couple of months now but I've only just got a copy. It's called "Infratracts" and contains eight tracks of some of the best electronic warbling's I've heard for a while. As far as I'm aware it's only available as a double vinyl LP which is fine by me.

There's a Ghost cover art

8. Time Hitler and The Assholes From Space - There Is A Ghost (Self Released)
Yet another fantastic free single. This one comes from the beautifully named Time Hitler and The Assholes. Both tracks can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page.

9. Moon Duo - High Over Blue (Self Released)
Previously only available as an iTunes bonus track on their last album "Circles", Moon Duo have kindly  decided to give "High Over Blue" away as a free download and you really do need to hear it. I'll warn you now though it's a bit lengthy so sit back with a nice beverage (I suggest alcoholic) and enjoy these twenty minutes of magnificence.

10. DaFake Panda - Bagarre (Aentitainment)
The first track from DaFake Panda's debut album "Sociopath" which will be released on Aentitainment in September.

Tape Waves EP cover art

11. Tape Waves - Drifting (Box Bedroom Rebels)
This is the opening track on a new seven inch single from the Charleston band. It's available from the Box Bedroom Records website but there are only 100 copies so you may need to get a wriggle on.

Love Inks Generation Club

12. Love Inks - Solar Diary (Monofonus Press)
This is the first taste of the Austin band's second album "Generation Club" which will be released on 24th September.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Steinbecks - At Arkaroo Rock (Radio Edit)

This is the lead track from the new Steinbecks seven inch single which will be released next month on Matinee Recordings. It will be the first release from the Australian band since their 1997 album "Far From The Madding Crowd".

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Live Transmission: Joy Division Reworked

A special ten minute edit of live recordings from Live_Transmission, a collaboration between electronic composer Scanner and the 45-piece Heritage Orchestra in an audio-visual re-imagination of the sound and spirit of Joy Division.
Instilled with poetic snapshots of Ian Curtis’ haunting vocals, Live_Transmission guides audiences through a sonic monument of new compositions accompanied by an animated landscape of artwork and projections created by visual artist Matt Watkins, reminiscent of the band’s creative process.
Celebrating Joy Division’s key musical moments and groundbreaking evolution, Live_Transmission has redefined concert boundaries since proving a centrepiece of last year’s prestigious Brighton Festival 2012. It will tour the UK from September - October 2013

Lungs - Faraway/Loner

These two tracks comprise the debut single from Lungs which will be released as a seven inch single through Hero Records on 29th July. 500 copies are pressed with 250 on white vinyl and 250 on black.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Nineteen)

am cover art

1. Ovlov - Grapes (Exploding In Sound)
This record is a real treat. It's an album by Connecticut band Ovlov which you might have noticed is Volvo backwards. It's called "am" and can be ordered on vinyl or download from their Bandcamp page. The vinyl comes on tantalising piss yellow and swamp green vinyl. Recommended!

2.  Hockeysmith - Now I Want To (Self Released)
I have no real information to give you about Hockeysmith apart from, they probably consist of two girls who may (or may not) come from Cornwall. Whatever I'm sure you'll agree this is a very decent track.

Dusk Veiled

3. Pye Corner Audio - Dusk Veiled (Dekorder)
This is the shorter track from the new Pye Corner Audio record "Conical Space" which can be ordered here as a very nice 12" picture disc.

4. Mark Pritchard - Duppies (Warp)
Taken from the "Ghosts E.P." which released this week and is the first of three E.P.s to precede an album which will be released later in the year.

Kalypso [Single] cover art

5. Preludes - Kalypso (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Preludes single which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page. Not what I expected from a track called Kalypso although on the artwork it isn't but I'm pretty sure it is.

6. Picnic - Stop The Fall (Shelflife)
Possibly the most beautiful track I've heard this week. It's taken from a new album by Estonian band Picnic. In fact the whole record is stunningly beautiful. I wish it was winter because this is just the sort of thing to listen to while watching the snow build up. The album is called "The Weather's Fine" and was released last month on Shelflife.

7. The Fall - Bury (Bootleg)
Not even I could pass up on the chance to follow "Stop The Fall" with a track by The Fall. Of course it would be unthinkable to stop The Fall as this track, recorded at Fibbers in York a couple of months ago demonstrates. What a night that was.

Taffy Lixiviate AlbumvinylTurntable.jpg

8. Taffy - Dawn Red (Club AC30)
If, like me you were hoping for great things from the new Taffy album then disappointed is something you probably will not be. "Lixivate" is the second album from the Japanese band and is once again brought to us on the ultra-reliable Club AC30 label. There is a limited edition vinyl version which is pressed on pretty lilac coloured plastic but only 250 exist so haste should be of the essence if you want to own one of those as I would be surprised if demand wasn't quite high for this album.

13th July - Scarborough Spa (supporting The Wedding Present)
14th July - Doncaster, The Leopard
15th July - Newcastle, Think Tank
17th July - London, Camden Blackheart
18th July - Bristol, Thunderbolt
19th July - York, The Basement (I will certainly be at this one!)
20th July - Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's (supporting Blank Canvas)
21st July - Manchester, Night and Day
22nd July - Glasgow, King Tuts

9. Flux Of Pink Indians - Charity Hilarity (One Little Indian)
I had never heard Flux Of Pink Indians before but they originally released their "Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible" album back in 1983 on Crass Records. They certainly made a great noise and now can be heard again as the album is about to be re-issued on One Little Indian. The package also includes the tracks from their "Neu Smell" E.P. and is available on double vinyl, CD and Download.

10. Egyptian Sports Network - Zero G Winter Olympics (New Images)
Taken from the five track E.P. "Interstitial Luxor" which is available now on 12" through New Images.

"New Satellite transmissions recorded in Pacific City Sound Visions Studio by MATT MONDANILE of DUCKTAILS and SPENCER CLARK of PACIFIC CITY SOUND VISIONS. This futuristic tale of a Zero Gravity Sports network's soundtrack being transmitted from the Olympic Space Station via Satellite feed, revealing an intuitive feel for the grace and immensity of space when brought into conjuction with the next advent in Transglobal Sports News Interstitial music. Five pieces of high energy portal from the difficult listening and metallic abstraction of "2042 Zero G Olypmics" to the Global Space Station Club Hit "JAI-LAi Nightclub." A modern soundtrack to a film such as Carl Sagan's "Cosmos," ESN combines the the tele-prompt madness of current Global Sports Network with that of the blissful repetitions of ‘70s Minimalism. Think Sportscenter, but Intuit the the stream of your consciousness fed through satellites as it breaks through into the ether. "Like Christine Amanpour on Acid", quoted from BBC Analyst."

LAMC # 9 cover art

11. Horse Lords - Bending To The Lash (Famous Class)
This is Horse Lords contribution to a split single released last month on Famous Class Records. It's the 9th installment in their LAMC series and has a fine track from Lower Dens on the other side. You can order the vinyl here.

Glass Gang - Waves

12. Glass Gang - Waves (Self Released)
Great new track from the Brooklyn trio.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Lamppost Records - Under The Wildflowers Volume 1

A nice little compilation E.P. from Lamppost Records. All four tracks are great but I must draw your attention to the last track which is by Fluorescent Tiger and is particularly nice. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

The Stone Roses - Finsbury Park, 8th June 2013

I Wanna Be Adored
Elephant Stone
Ten Story Love Song
Standing Here
Going Down
Shoot You Down
Fools Gold
Something's Burning
Don't Stop
She Bangs The Drums
Love Spreads
This Is The One
Made Of Stone
Breaking Into Heaven
Elizabeth My Dear
I Am The Resurrection

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Eighteen)

1. Sizzla - Center Of Attraction (VP)
According to many sources "The Messiah" is Sizzla's 70th album which sounds almost unlikely that someone could produce that much output, but it appears to be true and even more impressively he hasn't even started to run out of ideas. His new album "The Messiah" is on first listen brilliant. Later listens prove it to be a bit better than that. "Center Of Attraction" is one of the tracks I keep coming back to but I really could have chosen any and you wouldn't have been dissapointed.

Atomic cover art
2. Helen Love - Atomic (Elefant)
Earlier in the week I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a whole load of new releases from Elefant Records of Madrid. This is the new single from Helen Love. It precedes their new album "Day Glo Dreams" which I think I'm right when I tell you will be released in July. 

Saturday Knife Fight

3. Belle Ghoul - Saturday Knife Fight (Elefant)
Another new Elefant release comes from Belle Ghoul. This is a track from their new  E.P. which is released as part of Elefant Records "New Adventures In Pop" series of releases. This E.P. is of course available as a digital release but what I'm sure you really want is the blue vinyl seven inch single. It's a very deep, almost translucent blue which looks almost as nice as it sounds. There are only five hundred copies of the vinyl each of which will be accompanied by a 320kps mp3 in case you have forgotten to buy a turntable.


4. Blondes - Bora Bora (RVNG)
This is a track from theBrooklyn duo's new album "Swisher" which will be released on 6th August.

Slow Friends cover art

5. The Everywheres - Waves (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Slow Friends" which has been around since March. It's available through their Bandcamp page as a download or cassette. The original cassette run of 50 has sold out but more will be available from next week.
6. Pixies - Bagboy (Self Released)
Well I never saw this one coming. I for one thought the chances of ever hearing a new Pixies track was slim in the extreme but here it is. Released to coincide with the announcement of the first leg of their forthcoming world tour on which they have promised to premier other new songs. Perhaps a new album is not so unlikely after all although it will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the band changes with the sad departure of bassist Kim Deal who I always thought was key to their fantastic sound. She has been replaced by Kim Shattuck who you might remember played with Los Angeles band The Muffs. Anyway this is the first new Pixies track in about a decade and I'm pleased to tell you it's absolutely superb.


02 - Ancienne Belgique, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
08 - Huxleys, BERLIN, GERMANY
10 - Lucerna Music Hall, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

01 - Gasometer, VIENNA, AUSTRIA
04 - Alcatraz, MILAN, ITALY
07 - La Riviera, MADRID, SPAIN
09 - Coliseum, LISBON, PORTUGAL
14 - Sentrum Scene, OLSO, NORWAY
15 - Munchen Brewery, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
18 - Olympia, DUBLIN, IRELAND
24 - Hammersmith Apollo, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Flaamingos cover art

7. Flaamingos - Walk A Wire (Felte)
This is the second single from the Los Angeles band who will release their debut album on Felte on 27th August which can be pre-ordered from their Bandcamp page.

8. Demdike Stare - Dyslogy (Modern Love)
This is a track from the third 12" in the Testpressings series which was released last month on Modern Love.


9. Bombers - The Way You Think You Look (Dead London)
Following their debut single "Drawing" back in January the Birmingham band are back with a new release from which this track is taken. Their second single will be released by Dead London Records on 5th February. Really looking forward to an album from this lot.

Before You Finish Your Sentence E.P. cover art

10. The Illegal Wiretaps - I Won't Let You Decide For Me (Self Released)
What a lovely noise. This is one of five tracks on a new EP which you can download here for free if you so wish... and you should.


11. Kitten Forever - Famous Friends (Guilt Ridden Pop)
This track comes from the second full length release by Minneapolis band Kitten Forever. "Pressure" will be released at the end of the month and will feature 13 songs on a double 7" coloured vinyl in a gatefold sleeve package. Now if you're anything like me that will make you drool out of your belly button just thinking about it.


7.06 - Minneapolis, MN - Hexagon - tour kick off show w/ Oaks, Lutheran Heat_
7.09 - Minot, ND - DUFF MOUNTAIN w/ Nora & the Janitors, Jerica & the Crown Royals, Chapstick
7.11 - Missoula, MT - VFW w/ Javier Ryan, Needlecraft, Dogbreath, Diners
7.12 - Seattle, WA - THE COCKPIT w/ Half Breed
7.13 - Olympia, WA - TBD
7.14 - Portland, OR - THE KNOW w/ Forever, Fat Transfer
7.15 - Eugene, OR - TINY TAVERN
7.16 - Redding, CA - BOOTY BALLROOM
7.17 - San Fran, CA - VACATION THRIFT 
7.18 - San Fran, CA - THRILLHOUSE RECORDS w/ Crabapple, Sourpatch,The Maneaters
7.19 - Los Angeles, CA - HAUSONDAHILL - "Coolworld" w/ French Vanilla
7.20 - Bakersfield, CA - NARDUCCI'S CAFE
7.21 - Phoenix, AZ - FUNNY WORLD w/ Father's Day
7.22 - Abq, NM - TORTUGA w/ Eileen & The In-Betweens, Dead Gunz
7.23 - El Paso, TX - EPIC w/ Bat/Caves, Miijas, Communion of Thieves
7.24 - Austin, TX - HOTEL VEGAS - Rock and Roll Dance Night!
7.25 - Houston, TX - NOTSUOH
7.26 - New Orleans, LA - TBD w/ Southern Femisphere
7.27 - New Orleans, LA - ASHLY'S BACKYARD w/ Troubled
7.28 - Memphis, TN - BUCCANEER w/ Gloryholes, SVU
7.29- Springfield, MO - MARTHA'S VINEYARD w/ Suzi Trash, New Madrid
7.30 - Lincoln, NE - THE Q - Once A Pawn
7.31 - Iowa City, IA - TBD
8/4 - Minneapolis, MN - Kitty Cat Klub - “Pressure” album release show

12. Whirr - Swoon (Graveface)
Following last years impressive "Pipe Dreams" album Whirr are back with a new EP "Around" which is released this week on Graveface Records.