Monday, June 03, 2013

The Active Listener Volume 8

The Active Listener Sampler 8 cover art

This is the latest in the series of Active Listener compilations and once again we have a winner. The whole thing is free to download but if you wanted to pay a small fee I think that would be entirely justified. As usual I'm familiar with very few of the artists on here just like most of York City's new signings so far this summer. I mean who the devil is this Sandor Puri chap who it turns out is an Estonian international with no less than 49 caps to his name. Not the kind of player City normally go for. This kind of policy could put us in serious danger of having a successful season next term.

1. Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings
2. Brujas del Sol - Castles Upon Golden Gate
3. Quimper - Soft Bodies
4. The Blank Tapes - Double Rainbow
5. The Prisoner Of Mars - Medium On A Train
6. robotmonkeyarm - II Bruto
7. Denis Olsen - Strange Gardens
8. Zenith:Unto The Stars - Gemini
9. Cloud War- Whence & Whither 
10. Felipe Arcazaz - Petotl
11. Schnauzer - Waterloo Teeth
12. Me And My Kites - My Dream My Adventure
13. Worthless - We've Always Been Here
14. The Magnetic Mind - Stay Away From The Door
15. Beau - Rainbow Jam Theme
16. The Green Tambourine Band - From The Seed Into The Flower
17. Bad Valley - Sunrise
18. JJUUJJUU - A Forming

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