Friday, June 07, 2013

Teenage Daydreams - Romance Memories

Romance Memories cover art

"This album is the product of seven months of sheer determination. I made it entirely on my own, after losing the most beautiful love I had ever experienced. I went through sooooooo fucking much to make this album, I tried to killed myself, literally, it was an insane time and a crazy adventure, I traveled to nyc with no real plan or expectation, after being suddenly thrown out by the girl I gave my heart to-I booked a plane on a days notice and have eventually ended up here, I did everything on the album, all the instruments all the singing, all the recording and mixing and mastering. And I did it all for love, because that's what I believe in, that's what makes me happy. Even though everything went wrong during those seven months, even though my computer broke for a month and I thought the whole album was lost, even though I had to live on nothing but pancakes and I got fucked over sooo many times by assholes, I did it, and I did it for love, so listen up ya dobis!"

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