Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fall - York, Fibbers, 9th May 2013


I had been looking forward to this one for ages. I mean, it's not an everyday occurrence that the greatest band on the planet come to play in your back yard. Well to be fair The Fall visit York quite often but for some reason this one seemed more important. Perhaps it because of the fantastic new album "Re-Mit" which I trust the majority of sane people in the world now own. It would be wrong to say the new record is a return to form as The Fall are a band who rarely lose form but the current line up are producing some of the strongest material in years, and that goes for the live performance too. I have seen The Fall many times and every time has been memorable but this crew really really do the business as you will hear from the fantastic recording below which I have very rudely stolen from Mr Hanleyfender who has provided us with countless great recordings over the years. I wasn't going to post this one as it's only a couple of weeks since The Fall last appeared on here but sod it. My only question is, who was that bloke with the blond hair who appeared on stage to share the vocals on "White Lightning"? Clearly someone Mr Smith knows quite well as he left the stage in one piece.

Victrola Time
Hot Cake
Sir William Wray
Hittite Man
White Lightning
Mr Pharmacist

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