Thursday, April 18, 2013

Titles - Modern Sounds In Science Fiction

Modern Sounds In Science Fiction cover art

"When a band embarks on their final voyage, it’s a bittersweet affair of remembrance and introspection. San Francisco by way of New Haven’s Titles helps ease the pain by offering a cerebral psych-pop pearl, Modern Sounds In Science Fiction, as their final release on May 14 via Safety Meeting Records.
The album was written and recorded by bandleader Brad Amorosino in San Francisco, then dispatched to Connecticut for the other band members to lay down supplementary parts. The outcome is an unnaturally melancholy album exhibiting diverse genre influences, unified by Amorosino’s stable croon and bold harmonic ingenuity. Like a trip in a leaky boat, the bottom occasionally threatens to fall out but never does, keeping the listener on edge and attuned; it’s a true sign of an enduring album and welcome."

"Safety Meeting is doing a limited edition run of 130-gram vinyl, silk-screened jackets, hand stamped center labels with a double sided insert featuring 2,352 tiny drawings by Brad."

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