Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teen Daze - The House On The Mountain E.P.

The House On The Mountain cover art

"The House On The Mountain was recorded in March of 2013; I recently moved into a house situated on the side of Sumas Mountain, in my hometown of Abbotsford, BC. Inspired by the overwhelming beauty of the changing of the seasons outside, and a big empty house with lots of kitchen ware that has been dying to be sampled, I pieced together these tracks over a few weeks. The final piece of the puzzle, and one of the most unique to any Teen Daze recording, is the guitar playing. I would spend the day putting together the beat, and after a morning in the kitchen, I would ask my roommate David (also the bass/guitar player for the live Teen Daze band you'll be seeing later this year) to just improvise over-top of the beat. I'd sample his playing, and a quick mix later, we had a song. Then we'd usually go eat pizza and talk about video games. I'm lucky to have such a talented friend, and I'm sure this won't be the last collaboration you'll hear between us. 

I hope you enjoy this little slice of Spring in British Columbia; here's to afternoons spent in the flower garden! 

xoxoxo, Jamison 

ps - All proceeds made off this record will go towards my wedding budget. Love you bean!"

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