Monday, April 29, 2013

Pressed And - Stone Candles

"Stone Candles completes an arc for Pressed And in their aim for balance in composition. Across the the band's three releases, that aspiration is often illustrated by instrumentation. Stone Candles builds off of the band's previous releases and introduces a new and more confident landscape in deploying the sound of guitars and keys, legible in their selected use of effects and filters. As an electronic band Pressed And has always evoked the pastoral, but while their debut Imbue Up could hold up at an after-party for the LA set, Stone Candles unabashedly locates itself in the more generalized humidity of "the South". The duo has always been "southern" and in their output have striven to reconcile the urgency of a well cultivated psycho-geography with electronica's normal repertoire of sounds and techniques. Whether through the country guitar and vocal samples of "372", the open guitar strumming used in loops throughout the album, the cascading loops of filtered samples and synths or the righteous string-work on eight-minute standout "Bored on a Lam", the album sports a swagger that transcends both the traditional sound-associations of guitar music and the rigid formulas of electronica. Stone Candles is easily the band's most mature sounding release to date."


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