Monday, April 15, 2013

Cosines - Hey Sailor Boy!

Hey Sailor Boy! cover art
This is the debut single from Cosines who are according to the press release a "mathematical pop band". I assume this simply means they can all count but if you listen to the stream below you will discover they can also play a tune rather well. This track will be the a-side of a seven inch single which will be released on 20th May through Fika Recordings. There will be only 300 copies of the vinyl which will all include a free download in case you don't want to play your record or don't actually have a player! Seriously, I have heard of people buying vinyl records just to look at them which I can understand in a way as I went through a period in the nineties where I would struggle to sleep unless my copy of Loveless was tucked up next to me. I don't think Nix would allow that sort of behaviour now though.

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