Thursday, April 11, 2013

Circle - We Can Play

There's always something really comforting in a pure pop song which this is. In my life at the moment things are not great. York City football club are in serious threat of relegation and in my work life (I don't get paid for this shit you know) things could be a lot better but sometimes you listen to a song and it puts a smile on your face and this is one of those times. The words of the press release below mention Smog in the list of child's voices in songs but for me as soon as I hear that phrase I think of The Cranes fine debut mini album from probably around 1990 "Self Not Self" on which the vocalist who's name escapes me sounds about eight years old so although I know that wasn't a childs voice it certainly sounded like one. I think I have the first Cranes (not to be confused with Crane) Peel Session kicking around somewhere and maybe if I can find it in the hell holl which calls itself my record collection I'll post it on here at some point. In fact I might even post that first Cranes session as is a bit of a blinder.
"There's always something both pure and haunting about a child's voice in a song or on film and when you combine that with pop music you get one of two things. Either something really sad (one Smog song comes to mind) or something brimming with life (enter Circle's We Can Play). Its not the first time our Sydney duo has experimented with kids voices but never before to such great effect."

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