Sunday, April 07, 2013

{BOLT}/Pestrels - Split Single

[ B O L T ] / PETRELS Split cover art

"Just a few days after their successful performances at the beautiful DUNK!Festival the Split 10" between  [BOLT], our very own rising stars on the international drone-firmament  and Denovalis' PETRELS sees the light of day.
Wrapped in a fullcolored sleeve this Split with two exclusive tracks has a duration of more than 20 minutes what should have been expected as you are familiar with the tunes by these artists.

[BOLT] sneak in gently, swaying in expansive, melancholic ambiences before the distortion rolls in...
PETRELS on the other hand take all the aural space needed by assault delivering one of the densiest compositions you may have heard in a long time."

Don't you just love press releases? Well they make my job a lot easier anyway otherwise I would have to tell you how great this 10" release is from Aentitainment Records and to be perfectly honest after watching York City gain only a point at home against the less than mighty Accrington Stanley yesterday and slip ever closer to relegation I don't really feel like talking very much although these two tracks and especially the [BOLT] one fit my mood perfectly. 

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