Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alpaca Sports - Telephone

Telephone cover art

"Today Alpaca Sports releases their new single 'Telephone' on a split 7" with Acid House Kings!
In an attempt to escape the Swedish winter in 2011, Andreas Jonsson and Carl Jirestedt from Gothenburg started writing cute little pop songs to a project called Alpaca Sports. Four infectious pop singles later, accompanied by four cinematic music videos. With a mini album recently released in Japan, and plenty of gigs performed in countries like France, Italy, England and Peru, I think it's safe to say that Alpaca Sports have found their way to indiepop hearts all over the globe by now.
The new single 'Telephone' is released by Luxury and Dufflecoat Records on a split 7" with the classic Swedish pop group Acid House Kings. The single is limited to 300 copies and contains artwork by Ray Kimura from Tokyo. The single was sold out before the release, due to large numbers of pre-orders.
On the b-side, there is a classic Acid House Kings song, I just called to say Jag √§lskar dig, taken from the album Music sounds better with you. 

Next to writing and recording songs for the upcoming debut album plenty of gigs and festivals are booked this spring. In May the band will cross the Atlantic and play at NYC Popfest."

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