Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Fall - Clitheroe 2013

So the first night of a new Fall tour. You never quite know what to expect but as you will notice from this fine recording from Mr Hanleyfender who has provided us with countless top recordings over the years. Fortunately the gig went pretty well with the band sounding as tight as ever. Mr Smith seems to prefer spending less time actually on stage these days but then again he is a God so he can do whatever the hell he likes as far as I'm concerned. The new song's, especially "Sir William Wray" sound superb and only heightens my longing for a copy of the new album "Re-Mit" which will be available soon on Cherry Red Records.

Download Zip File

Hot Cake
Fall Sound
Hittite Man
Mr Pharmacist
Sir William Wray
White Lightning

Monday, April 29, 2013


Pressed And - Stone Candles

"Stone Candles completes an arc for Pressed And in their aim for balance in composition. Across the the band's three releases, that aspiration is often illustrated by instrumentation. Stone Candles builds off of the band's previous releases and introduces a new and more confident landscape in deploying the sound of guitars and keys, legible in their selected use of effects and filters. As an electronic band Pressed And has always evoked the pastoral, but while their debut Imbue Up could hold up at an after-party for the LA set, Stone Candles unabashedly locates itself in the more generalized humidity of "the South". The duo has always been "southern" and in their output have striven to reconcile the urgency of a well cultivated psycho-geography with electronica's normal repertoire of sounds and techniques. Whether through the country guitar and vocal samples of "372", the open guitar strumming used in loops throughout the album, the cascading loops of filtered samples and synths or the righteous string-work on eight-minute standout "Bored on a Lam", the album sports a swagger that transcends both the traditional sound-associations of guitar music and the rigid formulas of electronica. Stone Candles is easily the band's most mature sounding release to date."


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zoon van snooK

"This is the first single (15/4/13) taken from the second Zoon van snooK album, released 20/5/13 on Lo Recordings (UK), !K7 (US) and Kimi Records (Iceland)"

Silicon Ballet release new E.P. (at last!!)


"The new ep from Silicon Ballet has arrived! Delay after delay after delay... but the record has finally emerged butterfly-like."

Saturday, April 27, 2013


'All I Wanna Do' is released on 7" via Luvluvluv Records ~ 27th May 2013
The single is taken from our forthcoming debut album 'Comfort' released ~ 3rd June 2013
Pre-order 'Comfort' on LP/CD

UK; bit.ly/12inzp9
US; www.insound.com/Splashh/A/53438/

Friday, April 26, 2013

Paris Angels - Eclipse

Eclipse ( Album Sampler) cover art

I don't think anyone seriously expected new material from Manchester band Paris Angels after so long. They reformed last year to pay tribute to their late drummer Simon Worrall who died suddenly following a stomach operation. Anyway one thing led to another and now here they are with a new album no less. It's called "Eclipse" and will be released on 4th June on Stereokill Records. Listening to these two tracks they sound like they have never been away.

Sluggers E.P.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Seven)

1. Gastric Band - Dustin Binman (Self Released)
Firstly what a great name for a band, secondly what a great cover that is above and thirdly what a great racket they make. Gastric Band are from Scotland although the press release says they're from Edinburgh and their Bandcamp page suggests they live in Glasgow not that it really matters, all that really matters is the fact that this is their debut release and it's bloody good.

2. Woodsman Orphan - Credits (Obscure Me)
I think I included a track from this album ages ago when it was  very hard to come by and only really sold at shows. I am pleased to report however that Obsure Me have decided that the world at large need to hear it and so are releasing "My Name Is Ishmael Ali" on a "proper" basis. It is a fantastic album and revisiting it this week I was quite ashamed of myself for having almost forgotten about it.

3. Life And Limb - Before The Flame And Flood (Indian Wells Remix) (Bad Panda)
Nice work from Indian Wells on this track. You can catch Indian Wells live at the Shackleton Arms in London on 1st June if you are so minded. I sometimes wish I lived a little further south because it would make getting to gigs much easier although having said that The Fall will play in my locality in a couple of weeks which I'm looking forward to immensely even if it does cost £22 which let's face it is quite a lot of money to see anyone.

4. Dinosaur Jr - Now The Fall (Jagjaguwar)
One of two songs you can find on a limited edition seven inch single on Jagjaguwar Records. Apparently these tracks were recorded during the sessions for last years "I Bet On Sky" album which I found slightly disappointing but I really like this. The b-side "Ricochet" is pretty good as well and you can only really follow a track called "Now The Fall" one way....


5. The Fall - Sir William Wray (Cherry Red)
Every time The Fall release a new record it seems to be long awaited. Not because it's ever that long since their previous one but because Fall records seem to hold some kind of addiction which needs feeding regularly so fortunately for the health of the people of planet Earth a new Fall album is ready to go. It's called "Re-Mit" and apparently the word from people in the know (not me) it's a bit of a beast so I will be counting the hours until I get the privilege of listening to it's beastly tones myself. Before that though we have this. It's one of those Record Store Day limited seven inch singles that are popping up all over the place. This one though will give us an insight into "Re-Mit" which makes it a pretty important record. Cherry Red say this is a different version of "Sir William Wray" to that which is on the album which is probably why it is the (alt version). Also included on this single are two more nifty numbers "Jetplane" and "Hittite Man (alt version)". Personally I think "Sir William Wray" is mustard (English thing which means very good) and if this kind of mid season form can continue over the course of a whole album then we could be in for the album of the year, although that new record by The Blanche Hudson Weekend will take some beating.
The Fall will hopefully play at:-

25th April - Clitheroe, The Grand
28th April - The Great British Alternative Music Festival, Butlins Holiday Camp, Minehead
7th May - Glasgow, O2 ABC
8th May - Belfast, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival
9th May - York, Fibbers
10th May - Liverpool, East Village Arts Club
12th May - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
15th May - Norwich, Waterfront
17th May - London, Clapham Grand
22nd May - Cardiff, The Globe
23rd May - Bristol, Trinity Centre
24th May - Falmouth, Princess Pavilion
8th June - Wakefield, Long Division Festival

We Will Live The Space Age cover art

6. Jetman Jet Team - Radio Track Star (Saint Marie)
Some lovely fuzz and tones from Seattle's Jetman Jet Team. It's taken from their new album "We Will Live The Space Age" which was released last week on Saint Marie and is pretty damn good.

7. April March and Aquaserge - J'entends des Voix (Freaksville)
Taken from the album "April March and Aquaserge" which will be released on Freaksville Records on 13th May

8. Kangding Ray - Nuis Octury (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
This is the first of four tracks on the excellent new "Tempered Inmid" E.P. from Kangding Ray aka David Letellier.

Eat Yr Heart Out cover art

9. Love Cop - I Wanna Get Baked [With A Baker] (Gnar)
Taken from the cassette album "Eat Yr Heart Out" which is available to purchase from the Gnar website.

Sonic Assault [Excerpt]

10. ASC - Sonic Assault [Kangding Ray Remix] (Halocyan Records)
A tremendous remix of the current ASC single from Kangding Ray who seems to have been in this Fodder rather alot. Anyway it all forms part of the Sonic Assault E.P. which is out this week on Halocyan.

holo pleasures cover art

11. Elvis Depressedly - Pepsi/Coke Suicide (Self Released)
Very nice indeed. This track is taken from a six track E.P./mini album or whatever you want to call it entitled "Holo Pleasures" which you can download for a price of your choosing from the Elvis Depressedly Bandcamp page. where you will also find plenty of previous releases to download. I plan to get stuck into them this evening when I get home. The "Holo Pleasures" E.P. is also available as a seven inch single thorough Birdtapes Records or at least will be when is starts shipping on the first day of May. You place an order for one of these fine platters here. It appears there will be 500 copies pressed with 200 on blood red vinyl and 300 on swamp green which sounds very nice indeed.

Golden Grrrls

12. Golden Grrrls - Older Today (Night School)
Taken from the Glasweigan bands fantastic new album which is available now on Night School.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holograms - Flesh And Bone

This is the new single from Holograms which is available on Captured Tracks. It comes from Holograms second album "Forever" which will be released on 3rd September. 

The Telescopes - Black Eyed Dog E.P.

black eyed dog cover art
Originally released on Trensmat Records as a limited edition coloured vinyl 7" in silk-screened sleeve.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures

holo pleasures cover art

Alpaca Sports - Telephone

Telephone cover art

"Today Alpaca Sports releases their new single 'Telephone' on a split 7" with Acid House Kings!
In an attempt to escape the Swedish winter in 2011, Andreas Jonsson and Carl Jirestedt from Gothenburg started writing cute little pop songs to a project called Alpaca Sports. Four infectious pop singles later, accompanied by four cinematic music videos. With a mini album recently released in Japan, and plenty of gigs performed in countries like France, Italy, England and Peru, I think it's safe to say that Alpaca Sports have found their way to indiepop hearts all over the globe by now.
The new single 'Telephone' is released by Luxury and Dufflecoat Records on a split 7" with the classic Swedish pop group Acid House Kings. The single is limited to 300 copies and contains artwork by Ray Kimura from Tokyo. The single was sold out before the release, due to large numbers of pre-orders.
On the b-side, there is a classic Acid House Kings song, I just called to say Jag √§lskar dig, taken from the album Music sounds better with you. 

Next to writing and recording songs for the upcoming debut album plenty of gigs and festivals are booked this spring. In May the band will cross the Atlantic and play at NYC Popfest."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pacific UV - Russians

This is another taster for the new Pacific UV album "After The Dream You Are Awake" which will be released on 14th May.

The Athens band have some dates coming up to promote the record (which will be released on lovely vinyl)...

16 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
18 – Athens, GA @ 40 Watt
21 – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
22 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ The Rock Shop
23 – New York, N.Y. @ Pianos
25 – Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Cafe

The Telewire - Everything Over My Head

Everything Over My Head cover art

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is Tropical

IS TROPICAL announce their new single “Dancing Anymore” (release date 13th May) and its accompanying new eye popping video directed by Parisian hotshots MEGAFORCE. The new video is loosely described as the follow up to their previous collaboration on the now infamous “The Greeks” video, a gore spattered boyhood fantasy. This latest effort notches things up a little. A few years down the line the boy(s)' thoughts move on from guns to girls. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Kelpe - Rolly Devore

Bad Panda Records’s avatar

Another winner from the Bad Panda stable is this new track from Kelpe which will give us a taste of what his fourth album "Fourth: The Golden Eagle"  might sound like when it's released by his brand new label Drut in the summer.

The Almighty Rhombus

The Almighty Rhombus EP cover art

Below you find the ability to download the brand new Almighty Rhombus E.P. completely free. It was actually released at the start of March but in the usual fashion I've only just been told about it and the rumor is that it might not be there to download free for much longer so get your computers into gear and get the E.P.


WTCHS / Thoughts On Air

WTCHS/Thoughts On Air 7" cover art

What a great sound. Below you can stream the tracks on a split seven inch single featuring WTCHS and Thoughts On Air which is being released on Perdu Records limited to just three hundred sexy white vinyl copies.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Titles - Modern Sounds In Science Fiction

Modern Sounds In Science Fiction cover art

"When a band embarks on their final voyage, it’s a bittersweet affair of remembrance and introspection. San Francisco by way of New Haven’s Titles helps ease the pain by offering a cerebral psych-pop pearl, Modern Sounds In Science Fiction, as their final release on May 14 via Safety Meeting Records.
The album was written and recorded by bandleader Brad Amorosino in San Francisco, then dispatched to Connecticut for the other band members to lay down supplementary parts. The outcome is an unnaturally melancholy album exhibiting diverse genre influences, unified by Amorosino’s stable croon and bold harmonic ingenuity. Like a trip in a leaky boat, the bottom occasionally threatens to fall out but never does, keeping the listener on edge and attuned; it’s a true sign of an enduring album and welcome."

"Safety Meeting is doing a limited edition run of 130-gram vinyl, silk-screened jackets, hand stamped center labels with a double sided insert featuring 2,352 tiny drawings by Brad."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Six)

It's back! After a well earned break the Fodder returns and what a way to resume than with a brand new track from The Blanche Hudson Weekend who's new album "How Many Times Have You Let Me Die" has been hotly anticipated in my house and has more than delivered the goods. Also included in this fine volume is a track from the new Sightings album which seems to have taken up residence on my ipod.

Download Zip File
The Blanche Hudson Weekend "How Many Times Have You Let Me Die"

1. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Love Is A Poison (Odd Box)
A serious contender for album of the year is the second album from The Blanche Hudson Weekend which is available now on Odd Box records. You had better be a bit lively though because there are only 500 CD's and 100 cassette's out there and believe me you will kick yourself if you miss this one.

closer (hear my voice) cover art

2. Kigo - Closer [Hear My Voice] (Self Released)
This E.P. has given me so much pleasure over the last couple of weeks. Ok it may not sound particularly new but the songs are just so good, and it's free to download from their Bandcamp site where you can also download their previous E.P. which is I can assure you just as good.

3. Tape Deck Mountain - Kellies (Lefse)
This is the lead track on the superb new E.P. from San Diego band Tape Deck Mountain. It's called "Slow Salvation" and I have a feeling I may have featured this track in a previous Fodder but then again if that is thje case it's well worth another listen. "Slow Salvation" was issued last month on the Lefse label.

SSaliva - Birth Body image

4. Ssaliva - Fantasy 33 (Svetlana Industries)
Taken from the lovely three track E.P. "Birth Body" which is available now on Svetlana Industries.


5. Beliefs - Catch My Breath (No Pain In Pop)
I know this track was originally released towards the end of last year as a single but it now also appears on the self-titled debut album from Beliefs which was released a few weeks ago and has been played in my house pretty much every day since.

6. Rocketnumbernine and Four Tet - Roseland (Text)
This is one of two tracks on a new 12" on Kieran Hebden's Text label. As you've probably already detacted it's a collaboration between Rocketnumbernine and Four Tet and sounds pretty damn spectacular.

All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun Tonight cover art

7. The Bynars - All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun Tonight (Self Released)
Fantastic new single from The Bynars which gives us a first taste of their forthcoming album "X Vs X" which will be released at some point in the future.
It's probably not too late to mention their gig at Great Scott in Allston, MA on 24th April which will be a celebration of the release of this single.

8. September Girls - Talking (Art For Blind)
This is the a-side of a new seven inch asingle in Cork lab;e Art For Blind. It's the third release from Dublin five piece September Girls and I'm pretty sure I don't have the previous two which if their anywhere near as good as this need tracking down at once. According to the Art For Blind website you can't order the single just yet but it shouldn't be long.

Terribly Well

9. Sightings - Mutes Retreat (Dais)
Taken from the eighth album from New York band Sightings. It's called "Terribly Well" and is available now through Dais Records limited to 500 copies.

She Paints Words In Red

10. The House Of Love - Trouble In Mind (Cherry Red)
The House Of Love are the latest in a seemingly unending line of old bands releasing new records after a ridiculously long time. Usually this policy ends in disaster but this year has seen couple of bands buck that trend. First of all My Bloody Valentine delivered a masterpiece after twenty odd years in the wilderness (they probably weren't but I like the thought of them wandering over deserted moorlands for years on end feasting only on the decomposing remains of sheep which have perished as a result of being stupid, sheep are  famous for being stupid.). And now we have the return of The House Of Love with their new album "She Paint's Words In Red" which may not be a masterpiece but is without doubt a decent listen, so you should. Cherry Red Records incidentally will also be releasing the new album by The Fall on 13th May. It's called "Re-Mit" and I have an uncomfortable feeling that I'm up in Aberdeen that week so will have to hope for an advance copy... please.

HMV is Dead! cover art

11. Scandinavia - HMV Is Dead (Self Released)
This is the new single from Scandinavia which will be released on 20th April in celeberation of Record Store Day.
"The genesis of the song came with the news that HMV was entering administration in early 2013. Like all big businesses, HMV was both a blessing and a curse - convenient and accessible, but community-less and purely commercial. We wanted to capture our feelings of ambiguity about its expected demise, while revelling in the nostalgia of being a teenage record buyer with a big list of records we wanted to buy but limited funds with which to do so."

Immaterial Visions cover art

12. The KVB - (Cititrax)
We will finish this week with some fuzzed up wonderment from the latest release by The KVB. It's an album called "Immaterial Visions" which has just been released on by Cititrax which I believe is part of Minimal Wave Records.

The Mast - Up Up Up

UpUpUp cover art

This is the new single from Brooklyn Duo The Mask which will be released on 20th May.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crystal Shipsss

Crystal Shipsss cover art

Lady Lazurus

Weary Engine Blues - North Star cover art

"Lady Lazarus has thus contributed a cover of Jason Molina's "Do not It Look Like Rain "to Weary Blues Engine, a tribute album via Grave Face Records, out now in CD and digital. It's a two-disc album featuring Mark Kozelek, Will Oldham, Scout Niblett, Phil Elverum, and many more amazing artists;. 100% of profits go to the Molina family"

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alan Smithee

"After releasing 28 films, 9 tv episodes, 23 music videos and forming
bands in the USA and Spain, Alan Smithee returns in his latest
incarnation with 4 Livingston based musicians.

The debut single from Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin’s new
artist, alansmithee, is the track ‘Surplus’.  The band have no reviews
to speak of.

You can listen to their debut single here:"

Cosines - Hey Sailor Boy!

Hey Sailor Boy! cover art
This is the debut single from Cosines who are according to the press release a "mathematical pop band". I assume this simply means they can all count but if you listen to the stream below you will discover they can also play a tune rather well. This track will be the a-side of a seven inch single which will be released on 20th May through Fika Recordings. There will be only 300 copies of the vinyl which will all include a free download in case you don't want to play your record or don't actually have a player! Seriously, I have heard of people buying vinyl records just to look at them which I can understand in a way as I went through a period in the nineties where I would struggle to sleep unless my copy of Loveless was tucked up next to me. I don't think Nix would allow that sort of behaviour now though.


Land of the Low People cover art

The press release mentions something about "Western Swing Music" but I don't know what that is so I'll just have to call it good. It's certainly a bit different possibly due to the use on "Face Cancellation" of an instrument called a dan bau which again I've never heard of but hope will now make it's presence felt in lots of new records over the coming months. Can you imagine Mark E Smith mumbling over the top of that? I grow damp at the thought. Perhaps I'll send The Fall an e-mail demanding they re-record their new album at once and include a dan bau on every track... and perhaps I won't.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't panic!!!!!!
Pod Fodder will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!! ish

Weekender - Spanish Peaks E.P.

Spanish Peaks cover art
"Spanish Peaks" is the debut E.P. from the very impressive Weekender who despite sounding very British actually come from Philadelphia. You can download the whole thing completely free from their Bandcamp page.

Twin Tigers

This is the first track from Twin Tigers new album "Death Wish" which was released last week.

Cuts Like Diamonds

under fabric cover art

As far as I'm aware this is the first proper release from New York noise outfit Cuts Like Diamonds. It's available to download free from their Bandcamp page.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Suzy Blu

I don't actually know a single thing about this track apart from it's the new single from Suzy Blu and is pretty fine.