Monday, March 11, 2013

Woodsman Orphan

Obscure me Records is releasing Woodsman Orphan's "My Name is Ishmael Ali," previously released as a limited run, sold only at shows, hand made digipack. The band has finally decided to officially release it on vinyl and digitally. 

Hailing from Connecticut, Woodsman Orphan's sound can only be described as psychotic folk.  It is what you wanted Neil Young's music to eventually become.  The band was featured on's Mixtape.  MNIIA is a lo-fi masterpiece; in the spirit of The Microphone's the Glow Pt2, MNIIA utilizes a 4 track to record lush freak-folk songs, which will haunt your mind for days after listening. Woodsman Orphan attempts to capture Connecticut legend the Leatherman, and life in suburbia. Woodsman Orphan is Jean 'J' Adirondack and Doug Stram.

My Name Is Ishmael Ali will be released on Obscure Me on 20th April 2013

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