Friday, March 22, 2013

Werewolf Police - The Moderation Blues

The Moderation Blues cover art

The Moderation Blues carves another notch in the bedpost for Tynan Cooney and Werewolf Police. Minted by men that discourage anything in moderation, The Moderation Blues is a mirror house of triumphant pop in the aftermath of way too many holidays. Here Tynan trades in the 4-track warmth of last year's Vulture Club EP for digital recording conveniences while maintaining his familiar lo-fi modesty. Mastered by Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Guided By Voices) at Waterloo Sound. It is both the ice water for your Sunday morning hangover and a clear sky for airing out your head.

As well as the digital version you can also purchase this album on cassette, limited to just 50 copies available to order (if there are any left) from their Bandcamp page.

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