Monday, March 25, 2013

Tyrannosaurus Dead - Pure//Apart

Pure // Apart cover art

Now, listen up because if you're not careful you might miss out on the opportunity to own the new 12" by the brilliantly named "Tyrannosaurus Dead". I say this for two reasons, firstly it's bloody great and everyone should own one but secondly because there are only 250 being pressed so should you be successful in your purchase you would join some kind of elite club and would be perfectly within your rights to sneer and laugh at the rest of the population trying to get on with their everyday lives despite having a wide aching Tyrannosaurus sized hole in their record collection. To avoid this happening to you (the suicide rate could double overnight). Odd Box Records are taking pre-orders right now HERE and if you take a look  below you can have a listen to two tracks from the record

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