Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Wedding Present - Bogarts, Long Beach 1990

A great set by a great band at the peak of their powers. Around this time they would have been promoting the release of their classic "Bizzaro" album about which I remember reading at the time a review in one of the music papers saying that it was "no great leap forward for the band but it will do for now" or words to that effect. That might be true but music has never been about leaping forward and "Bizzaro" became one of the best records of 1990 sporting such classics as "Brassneck" and the eternal "Kennedy", the version of which played in this set is wonderful by the way demonstrating that on top of all the other super-powers I'm sure the band possess they also have a bloody good drummer. This just sounds great. A band at their best.

I'm Not Always So Stupid
Anyone Can Make A Mistake
Don't Talk Just Kiss
Give My Love To Kevin
Take Me
What Have I Said Now

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