Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pale Spectres

Pale Spectres - Helen Of Troy EP [Little Teasure 06]

One of my favorite bands at the moment are Paris residents The Pale Spectres who ply their trade in the best indiepop tradition of jangly guitars and soft vocals but the important bit they have remembered where many of their peers fail is to actually have good tunes. Next week they will release their debut E.P. "Helen Of Troy" on Little Treasures Records which incidentally doesn't contain the track below but if you pop across to their Bandcamp page you can have a listen to a couple of the tracks on it. Apart from being available as a download Little Treasure will also be issuing the E.P. on a three inch CD limited to just one hundred and fifty copies. Should you furnish yourself with one of these and you own a Mac don't even try and insert it in the CD slot because I have discovered it make it, and in turn you very unhappy.

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