Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spotlight Kid - Budge Up

Budge Up cover art
'Budge Up' is the first track to see the light of day from the forthcoming album from the Nottingham shoegazers produced in collaboration with Todd Howe from the Boxer Rebellion - cinematic epic dream pop. Including three remixes from the Fad Gadget meets Death In Vegas influenced Deep Cut mix through to the futuristic house of Analogue of the Wolf to the Krautrock, psych noise fusion of King Plague.


  1. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Hi Kris
    Are you still doing pod fodder?

  2. I'm giving Pod Fodder a break for a while but it will continue at some point in the future. After a fair few years I just think it's time to do things a bit differently but this won't be the end of the Fodder, just a rest.