Friday, March 29, 2013

Memory Guide, the latest effort from San Francisco based City Light is a ten-song reflection on love, loss, longing and hope set to a sonic mix of pop, electronica, rock and hip-hop. "Devil In The Dark" kicks the album off with a bouncing electro beat and pristine vocals that hint of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. "Paranoid Kid" and "Rewind Replay Repeat" turn up the dance influences under instantly memorable melodies. Ann Yu (LoveLikeFire, Silver Swans, The Boys And Girls) shows up in support throughout the album, including taking the lead vocal on "Blurry Vision" and "Cross The Lines". Strong songwriting and driving production on "Sweet Death" and "Waste Away" bring the guitars upfront, with hints of Wilco and Death Cab For Cutie sneaking through the underlying electro production. Memory Guide is a beautifully cohesive work that balances challenging lyrics and thoughtful songwriting with expert production and emotionally charged vocal performances, resulting in the strongest work to date for City Light.

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