Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is a track from the new K-The-I??? release "Oxidised Matrix V2" which is available now through Mush Records.

"K-The-I??? continues his progression toward electronic production mastery with Oxidised Matrix V2. After firmly establishing himself as one of the most forward thinking operators in the rap game, K-The-I??? expanded his production pallet with his instrumental full-length, Synesthesia (Fake Four) and a series of live performances heavily influenced by trips to LA Beat Scene's most important weekly, Low End Theory. The music released on his Oxidised Matrix EPs combines the chance-taking, rule-breaking spirit of his entire catalog with production techniques firmly routed on the world's most daring clubs. The results are exhilarating. Beats range from glitch-hop stutters to drum-and-bass frenzied explosions. Sub-bass rattles the floor as synth stabs wobble around twisted sample chops. Oxidised Matrix V2 proves that K-The-I??? productions are now equally important to his vocal work."

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