Sunday, March 31, 2013

Merchandise - Totale Nite

Merchandise are back! You must remember last years ridiculously good "Children Of Desire" album which I battered to death in my back room for being better than last years Fall album. The new record may only contain five tracks but don't be fooled by it's apparent lack of size. It still manages to clock in over half an hour and during that time once again proves the worth of Merchandise. The sound is a bit more mature than on last years record and to be honest I think I prefer that but let's face it "Children Of Desire" was always going to be one hell of a target to hit again and so soon. Don't get me wrong "Totale Nite" isn't a bad record by any means it just had a bit of a monster to follow.

Pregnant - Strangers

Yet another new release on Mush Records is the new album from Pregnant. It's called Pottery Mill and from it comes this track. 

The Al Gore Rhythm Method

Lets's face it any band/artist with a name as good as The Al Gore Rhythm Method is always going to be looked on favorably in these pages. This is a new track from them, them being producers Patrick Awesome and Red's Life entitled Push Pop.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Wedding Present - Bogarts, Long Beach 1990

A great set by a great band at the peak of their powers. Around this time they would have been promoting the release of their classic "Bizzaro" album about which I remember reading at the time a review in one of the music papers saying that it was "no great leap forward for the band but it will do for now" or words to that effect. That might be true but music has never been about leaping forward and "Bizzaro" became one of the best records of 1990 sporting such classics as "Brassneck" and the eternal "Kennedy", the version of which played in this set is wonderful by the way demonstrating that on top of all the other super-powers I'm sure the band possess they also have a bloody good drummer. This just sounds great. A band at their best.

I'm Not Always So Stupid
Anyone Can Make A Mistake
Don't Talk Just Kiss
Give My Love To Kevin
Take Me
What Have I Said Now

Mayors Of Miyazaki

London three piece Mayors Of Miyazaki will release their second album "Holy Cow" thorough We Be Records on 9th June.

Cop On The Edge - Signs Of Life E.P.

This is the superb new E.P. from London band Cop On The Edge. Great stuff indeed!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Apollo Vermouth - Sacred Flowers

Sacred Flowers cover art

A new release from Apollo Vermouth. It's a seven track album called "Sacred Flowers" and is absolutely lovely. You can download the digital version free from their Bandcamp page but there are soon to be physical copies as well which you will be able to acquire from Noisy Arcade.

Memory Guide, the latest effort from San Francisco based City Light is a ten-song reflection on love, loss, longing and hope set to a sonic mix of pop, electronica, rock and hip-hop. "Devil In The Dark" kicks the album off with a bouncing electro beat and pristine vocals that hint of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. "Paranoid Kid" and "Rewind Replay Repeat" turn up the dance influences under instantly memorable melodies. Ann Yu (LoveLikeFire, Silver Swans, The Boys And Girls) shows up in support throughout the album, including taking the lead vocal on "Blurry Vision" and "Cross The Lines". Strong songwriting and driving production on "Sweet Death" and "Waste Away" bring the guitars upfront, with hints of Wilco and Death Cab For Cutie sneaking through the underlying electro production. Memory Guide is a beautifully cohesive work that balances challenging lyrics and thoughtful songwriting with expert production and emotionally charged vocal performances, resulting in the strongest work to date for City Light.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Está Vivo - Carry You To My Mouth

Carry You To My Mouth is the Mush debut from Está Vivo. The four track ep spans styles ranging from inspired indie-rock to tropical-folk to beautifully restrained hazy acoustic ballads with elements that remind of The Magnetic Fields, Spiritualized, Love And Rockets, and The English Beat. Está Vivo's lyrics lend a sophistication to the bedroom-pop production and naturally delivered deep vocals. Whether writing about an infatuation with someone he sees on the street each day or slyly working "Friday I'm in Love" into a song about a girl he meets at a party because it is the first song that they dance to, the lyrics are equal parts charming, carefree, biting and subversive. With productions that range from elegant and sublime to dark and foreboding, Carry You To My Mouth is a genre collision of experimental and pop sensibility.

Bad Grammar

Tie or Die cover art

This is the new single from Norwich band Bad Grammar. What a sound, the first track here "Tie Or Die" is very good I have discovered at destroying headphones if played too loudly. They will be playing in Olives (presumably in Norwich) on 5th April and as you will deduce from the horrible green flyer below it should be a great night with Ace Bushy Striptease also on the bill. 


Two brilliant tracks from the new Fearbox E.P. which I cant actually tell you anything about beyond the fact that it's called "Blank Page", contains four tracks and is just the ticket on a cold Wednesday morning.

Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain

Ghost Mountain cover art

This is the latest album from Bristol band Thought Forms. It's called "Ghost Mountain" and can be purchased from their Bandcamp page. I know this is a bit short notice but they are playing Power Lunches Arts Cafe this very day (28th March) but if you miss that you can catch them at The Exchange, again in Bristol on 30th March which sounds like an excellent way to spend a Saturday night. I'll probably just be consoling myself with a bottle of wine after York City slip a bit closer to relegation after another poor performance against Bristol Rovers.

Gospel Gossip

This is the debut album from Gospel Gossip. It's a rather beautiful beast following on from their "Atlantic Blue" 7" which you can still buy apparently. There are many great moments on here but the track I keep coming back to is "On The Edge" which is as beautiful as a York City goal (very rare at the moment). I think I must be a bit of a sucker for an echoey (is that even a word?) vocal and these guys do the job brilliantly.
You have probably guessed by now that I'm going to tell you all about their Bandcamp page and you would be right but as well as the obligatory digital download which we all need you can also order a "limited edition black vinyl LP". It's limited to 500 copies and costs $15 and looks very attractive indeed.

Delta Mainline

This is a track from the new album by Delta Mainline. It's called "Oh Enlightened" and will be released on 20th May by Rehab Sounds Recordings.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mentalease - Living Dream

Living Dream cover art

The first Mentalease album is here and walking among us. It follows their impressive "Entropy Rising" E.P. which featured on this site just a couple of whiles ago, in fact last week I think it was. The album is called "Living Dream" and is now available as a free digital download or for those who like something to hold there is a hand stamped Compact Disc which can also be ordered from their Bandcamp page for just $5.
A new website is up and running and can be viewed here. Soon they will get around to filling the "shows" section with lots of gigs but I have a feeling they might not be coming to the UK just yet but I can live in hope.


On the heels of her Geoff Barrow-produced debut album, Anika returns with a self-titled EP in spring. Anika's version of The Kinks’ lovelorn classic I Go To Sleep leads the EP, which also features brand new covers of songs by The Crystals (He Hit Me), Chromatics (In The City) and Shocking Blue (Love Buzz) as well as dub versions of previous singles Yang Yang and No One’s There.

Now based in Berlin, Anika retains strong ties to the Bristol scene where it all began, following a coincidental meeting with producer Geoff Barrow and his freeform kraut band Beak>. Barrow was initially on the search for a vocalist for his experimental new group but as the relationship developed it became clear that ‘Anika’ was a collaborative project in its own right.

Anika EP will be accompanied by a video for I Go To Sleep, directed by Uli M. Schueppel, a Berlin film director known for his 1990s Nick Cave biopic, A Road To God Knows Where. The video was shot in the forests of Brandenburg, and its ending invites speculation about this phase in Anika’s career.

Recently performing with her new Berlin-based line-up across Europe, including a home show in Berlin's legendary Berghain club, Anika has just confirmed a long-overdue return to the UK, joining the bill for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s curated ATP at London’s Alexandra Palace on May 4th, 2013.

The EP was recorded in Bristol at State of Art Studios, with Beak> members Billy Fuller and Matt Williams, as well as Andy Sutor (drums) and Rasha Shaheen (keys/vox/guitar), who have made up Anika’s touring band for the last three years. The tracks were all produced by Geoff Barrow and Beak>.

Anika EP Tracklist:

1. “I Go To Sleep”
2. “He Hit Me”
3. “Love Buzz”
4. “In The City”
5. “No One’s There (dub)”
6. “Yang Yang (dub)”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Girl One And The Grease Guns

This is almost too good!

This is the track which appears on the b-side of the recent Girl One And The Grease Guns 7" Driving Without Headlights (Once Again) which will be released on Squirrel Records on 3rd April. I would suggest you pre-order this single from the Squirrel website because it is one of the most interesting releases so far this cold year and if there isn't an album from the mysterious Grease Guns who include such members as Bruce LeeFax, Warren Betamax, Sissy Space Echo and my person favorite Charles Bronson Burner in the next couple of months I won't be responsible for my actions.

Let's Say We Did - Into Wherever

Let's Say We Did will release their new album "Hello Creatures" on 10th April through Nesna Records. This is the first track made available from that release which I am quite looking forward to hearing in it's entirety.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend - How Many Times Have You Let Me Die

How Many Times Have You Let Me Die cover art

This is one record I'm really looking forward to hearing in full. The new long player from The Blanche Hudson Weekend "How Many Times Have You Let Me Die" will be released on Odd Box on 8th April. In the meantime you can have a listen to three tracks from the record on that player thing below. According to the Odd Box website it will be released on CD and cassette so the obvious question is, where's the vinyl?

Veils - Cocoon E.P.

It's always nice to start the week with something new and noisy so this should be just the ticket. It's a new E.P. from Veils which they have made available for free download from their Bandcamp page. Very nice indeed especially "Poison" which is pure haunting beauty.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Love Cop - Eat Yr Heart Out

Eat Yr Heart Out cover art

Dwellings - Don't Say Nothing

DWELLINGS - Dont Say Nothing cover art
Totally loving this E.P. at the moment. It's a cassette release on Tesla Tapes by the impressive Dwellings. The first track, a lenthy number called Frame Speed is particularly impressive as you will discover if you listen to the E.P. on the player thing below.

"FORWARD...possibly the best way to describe these tracks from the other half of the Gnod BASSMACHINE. These Dwellings numbers are certainly relentlessly pushing forward but listen for the subtle changes that happen in each track and be sucked in by the trance inducing, almost euphoric drones & overtones. FOOOORRWWAARDDD. 50 cassettes. Email to order"

Tyrannosaurus Dead - Pure//Apart

Pure // Apart cover art

Now, listen up because if you're not careful you might miss out on the opportunity to own the new 12" by the brilliantly named "Tyrannosaurus Dead". I say this for two reasons, firstly it's bloody great and everyone should own one but secondly because there are only 250 being pressed so should you be successful in your purchase you would join some kind of elite club and would be perfectly within your rights to sneer and laugh at the rest of the population trying to get on with their everyday lives despite having a wide aching Tyrannosaurus sized hole in their record collection. To avoid this happening to you (the suicide rate could double overnight). Odd Box Records are taking pre-orders right now HERE and if you take a look  below you can have a listen to two tracks from the record

Black Manila - Shake That Thing

Black Manila cover art

This is the lead track on a seven inch single which will be released through R.I.P. Records on 1st April . You can pre-order it for a very reasonable £5 from their Bandcamp page. I think I'm right in saying Black Manila are a London band but don't quote me on that as according to the aforementioned Bandcamp page they have three gigs coming up in places as diverse as :

April 15th - Berlin, Germany - White Trash Fast Food
April 19th - Aarhus, Denmark - Radar
April 26th - Leeds, UK - The Packhorse

I'd like to think I might be able to go to the Leeds gig because I just bet they sound great live (actually if anyone decides to record any of these gigs please (pretty please) send me a copy).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sonny And The Sunsets

This is the first single from Sonny And The Sunsets who's last album "Longtime Companion" to be quite honest didn't really do it for me. I do like this track a lot though and everything bodes well for the new album "Antenna To The Afterworld" which will be released on Polyvinyl on 11th June which I realize is a bit away yet. You never know it might have stopped snowing by then. 
The album will be available on all the usual formats but you need to be aware of the limited edition vinyl version which will apparently be a lovely shade of purple and limited to 500 copies. There will also be 100 cassettes up fir grabs.

Here Is Your Temple

Having just arrived home from the snowy depths of Cambridgeshire (and the West Midlands before that) I was more than a little bit happy to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and see what music had arrived over the last couple of days and lo and behold the first thing I listen to is this bundle of joys from Swedish quintet Here Is Your Temple. Below you will find one of the five tracks on their debut E.P. "So High" which will be released  internationally on 15th April but if you live in Sweden it's already available. The press release compares them to such bands as Arcade Fire and M83 but I can hear more of their fellow countrymates Sambassadeur in them. Talking of which they should have a new record in the very near future as well.

Program - Waiting

  “I thought I’d hide, from the world today” is the opening lyric of PROGRAM’s -Self Produced album. It’s also a bit of a mantra. Which is probably why it’s taken them three years to emerge from their home studio.  But before you hear where they are going, the band wanted you to know from where they came. Under their previous name - Volcano Playground - they recorded an EP that never felt right, and so it didn’t get the release that it (probably) deserved. However one song from that EP - WAITING- did make its way to Toronto producer David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene). He liked it and produced it as a one off single for his new label Stars and Suns.
      According to the principal songwriter of the song: “Waiting is a highly personal song. It’s about perfectionism, self doubt, depression, being a late bloomer. After our ep, we were strict with what we released. Sometimes pulling songs off the web that we put up a week before. We ditched a whole record before arriving at our new one. I think only now are we becoming comfortable revealing our imperfections (because no song will ever be perfect) to the world, even though we cherish imperfections in others. The final lines are about being beat up and cut to shreds, and being forever taped back together. I’ve seen wonderful people get knocked down, and never get back up, and it’s always tragic.”

 And in an era of mass consumption and instant gratification, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to hide away in darkness until we are ready for the light of day.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Way Yes

Tog Pebbles cover art

Les Brown once said: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars". If that is true, Way Yes exploded on takeoff. But the explosion itself is worth noting. The countdown began early 2010 in Columbus, Ohio as the musical collaboration of Glenn D. Davis Sr and Travis M. Hall Sr. With the addition of multi-instrumentalistMaxwell N. Lewis Sr, and percussionist Timothy W.H. Horak Sr, the band set out to create feel good music with a dark twist. After releasing 7 inches (Oranjudio) and an Extended-Player (Walkability) on Lefse RecordsWay Yes are now set to release their debut Long-Player, Tog Pebbles on May 7th, 2013. Here is the track listing for Tog Pebbles with the titles of the songs replaced by thematic summaries:

1. dead mom
2. shitty job
3. fear of abandonment
4. self loathing love song
5. bipolar disorder
6. stress, etc.
7. suicidal grandma
8. neimeyer's lunch
9. dead mom
10. dead friend

It is rumored that Les Brown once said: "Listening to Tog Pebbles is like attending a funeral on a beach. The funeral is for someone you only met once, but the beach, oh my God, the beach… It is something to see.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Primal Scream - It's Alright, It's Ok

This is the new single from Primal Scream which precededs the album new light which will be released on 13th May

Werewolf Police - The Moderation Blues

The Moderation Blues cover art

The Moderation Blues carves another notch in the bedpost for Tynan Cooney and Werewolf Police. Minted by men that discourage anything in moderation, The Moderation Blues is a mirror house of triumphant pop in the aftermath of way too many holidays. Here Tynan trades in the 4-track warmth of last year's Vulture Club EP for digital recording conveniences while maintaining his familiar lo-fi modesty. Mastered by Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Guided By Voices) at Waterloo Sound. It is both the ice water for your Sunday morning hangover and a clear sky for airing out your head.

As well as the digital version you can also purchase this album on cassette, limited to just 50 copies available to order (if there are any left) from their Bandcamp page.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The House Of Love - A Baby Got Back On It's Feet

She Paints Words In Red

This is the new single from The House Of Love. It's the first offering from the forthcoming new album "She Paints Words In Red" which will be released on Cherry Red on 1st April and can be ordered HERE.


This is a track from the new K-The-I??? release "Oxidised Matrix V2" which is available now through Mush Records.

"K-The-I??? continues his progression toward electronic production mastery with Oxidised Matrix V2. After firmly establishing himself as one of the most forward thinking operators in the rap game, K-The-I??? expanded his production pallet with his instrumental full-length, Synesthesia (Fake Four) and a series of live performances heavily influenced by trips to LA Beat Scene's most important weekly, Low End Theory. The music released on his Oxidised Matrix EPs combines the chance-taking, rule-breaking spirit of his entire catalog with production techniques firmly routed on the world's most daring clubs. The results are exhilarating. Beats range from glitch-hop stutters to drum-and-bass frenzied explosions. Sub-bass rattles the floor as synth stabs wobble around twisted sample chops. Oxidised Matrix V2 proves that K-The-I??? productions are now equally important to his vocal work."

The Carrots

 New Romance cover art
Five years ago, they left us longing for so many more songs, with those incredible, fun singles, “Doing Our Part” and “Beverly” (which were put together for an exclusive-edition CD in Japan). Since then we haven’t heard a lot about THE CARROTS, who have been busy with the countless parallel projects they’ve put together. But suddenly, they’ve finally finished everything up and their first full length, “New Romance”, is here. And with it, the Austin sextet is back to show us their special way of understanding “girl groups” through great songs and marvelous arrangements.

With a line-up solidified by Jason 'Chef' Pittman, Veronica Ortuño, Chris Lyons, Jason Pearson, Shelley McKann and Rose Russo, this album is fresh, with Veronica Ortuño’s versatile voice, capable of carrying songs from the sweetness of Diana Ross to the strength of Dionne Warwick. These past years of waiting have not been in vain, the group has increased their audience in the States, appearing in the media, touring all over the country, playing in some of the most prestigious clubs and bars in their city, like The Continental Club and Antone’s. They’ve played in SXSW, opened for Calvin Johnson (BEAT HAPPENING, K Records), and above all they’ve been preparing a practically perfect collection of songs that remind us how much we like THE RONNETTES, THE VELVETTES, SHANGRI-LA’s, THE MARVELETTES, and THE CRYSTALS, and they link them with contemporary artists like THE SCHOOL, GIGI, THE BANDANA SPLITS and THE YEARNING.

We have proof of this in “Baby, You Don’t Know,” the album’s first track, which puts the cards on the table right away: playful choruses and perfect pop melodies, but this time working with the efficiency of a tighter and rawer instrumentation, without strings or winds, letting the majority of the weight fall on the vocals. That’s why songs like “You Can’t Promise (Boys)” stand out with their more soul-styled spirit, somewhere between an early Marvin Gaye and a Martha Reeves in all her glory. Patiently, letting the excitement slip back into Veronica and Shelly’s soft inflections, songs like “Roping Me In” and “Sault Ste. Marie” softly caress us. “New Romance,” the album’s title track, lets the rhythm & blues spirit tear loose, and is one of the biggest surprises on the album, with echoes of Arthur Conley and Rufus Thomas. “Crystal Lake” is absolutely fantastic, with lyrics about youth, love, infidelity, jealousy… It’s repeated again and again throughout the album, but always situating the love stories in the golden age, when young people began to reveal themselves and decided that love, fun and music were the most important things in life. “Moment In Time” has that free but deeply melodic spirit of HERMAN DÜNE’s best pop songs and BELLE AND SEBASTIAN’s sweetness, with phrasing that is both so open and at the same time so tremendously catchy. And we couldn’t leave their first two singles out; the delicious and contagious “Doing Our Part” and a different version of their perfect teenage anthem, “Beverly”. The album closes with a surprising “Baby’s Unborn,” a delicious piece of minimalism, with scarce guitars, tambourines, and vocals. Because of or in spite of this, it’s probably one of the most beautiful songs on the album, with celestial harmonies and lyrics that wrap the song up in a play on words.

It’s a highly comforting album that flees from the stereotypes and tricks of the style to stand up tall and proud with its own personality and momentum. It was definitely, definitely, worth the wait.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Paris 2012

A great set recorded last year in the French capital. 

Heaven's Gonna Happen Now
Until The Sun Explodes
Heart In Your Heartbreak
Higher Than The Stars
Come Saturday
Young Adult Friction
My Terrible Friend
Everything With You
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
A Teenager In Love
This Love Is Fucking Right

Spotlight Kid - Budge Up

Budge Up cover art
'Budge Up' is the first track to see the light of day from the forthcoming album from the Nottingham shoegazers produced in collaboration with Todd Howe from the Boxer Rebellion - cinematic epic dream pop. Including three remixes from the Fad Gadget meets Death In Vegas influenced Deep Cut mix through to the futuristic house of Analogue of the Wolf to the Krautrock, psych noise fusion of King Plague.

Mentalease - Entropy Rising

Entropy Rising cover art
This is the latest work from Spencer Harris aka Mentalease. It was released last month as a free download from Bandcamp.

Chatham Rise

Chatham Rise cover art

Chatham Rise will release their new long player on 20th April. It will be available on what they describe as "classic" black vinyl which you can pre-order from their Bandcamp page if you should feel the needing. 
You can have a listen to four tracks from the album below.

This is the new single from Volente. To celebrate she will be playing three gigs, two in Wales and one in London. Hopefully she may service the northern part of the country before too much longer as well.
The new single "Broken Promises" will be released on Dockrad Records next week.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Misfit Mod

Misfit Mod Islands & Islands releasing February 19th 2013

One of the greater pleasures I've had this week was listening to an album by Misfit Mod. It's called Islands and Islands and was actually released last month on the Stars And Letters label.
Have a listen below on the player thingy. The first track is "Sugar C." which has recently been released as a seven inch single which according to the word of passing wise men is limited to just 200 copies.

New releases on Bleeding Gold Records

BG047 | B R E A T H E cover art

The debut vinyl release from Liverpool's TEAR TALK is available on 70gm, heavyweight grey and white striped vinyl, showcased in a custom die-cut, reverse-board printed cover and printed innersleeve featuring photography from Rosie Woods. Each 7" features 2 new tracks - B R E A T H E and Only Illusions- including a 3rd bonus track offered with download. If you are a UK/Euro resident, it will be cheaper to buy from the band themselves here. US/Rest of World here.

BG045 | This Is Where The Story Ends cover art

Another debut single from the UK, this digital-only single comes from Liverpool's So Sexual. This is an anthemic-rocker with strong vocals, for fans of Editors, Interpol and The Cure. $1 download on BandCamp here, or also available on iTunes here.

BG044 | Montequilla cover art

And up next we have a free download from our friends The Sweets, hailing from North Carolina, USA. This sometimes-mellow garage-rock odyssey is available for free, no email, no questions asked. For fans of that last GAYZE record we put out back in January.

Pacific UV - New album 14th May

image dsc

That's right, Pacific UV are finally back with a new album. It seems like a long time since their fine "Weekends" album back in January 2012. The new album is called "After The Dream You Are Awake" and will be released on 14th May. In  the meantime you can stream/download their first offering from the said album from their Bandcamp page. It's called "24 Frames" and is absolutely lovely.

Churchillgarden - Duck Soup

I can tell you exactly nothing about the mysterious Churchillgarden (I think it's all written as one word) except for the fact that this fine work is their new single and can be downloaded at the Soundcloud link below.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beard Of Wolves - Wet Mouth

This is the new video for North Wales duo Beard Of Wolves latest offering which is part of an E.P. called "Wolf Skulls" which is released on this very day (18th March). This track is also available as part of the Too Pure singles club and if that wasn't enough Beard Of Wolves will be coming to a town near you soon providing your town is in or near one of the following. No North Yorkshire action there but I live in hope...

20th Mar – LONDON – The Macbeth (EP launch party)
22nd Mar – NOTTINGHAM – Jam Cafe
23rd Mar – NOTTINGHAM – The Maze
28th Mar – PRESTON – The Ark
30th Mar – BLACKPOOL – Live At The Blue Rooms Festival
31st Mar – SHEFFIELD – Bungalow and Bears
26th Apr – WREXHAM – Focus Wales Festival 2013
25th May – Llanidloes – Kingsfest 2013
06th July – WINCHESTER – Blissfields Festival 2013
20th July – COCKERMOUTH – CockRock Festival 2013


suā cover art

What a lovely E.P. this is. It's the first real product from the Brooklyn band who hopefully will have provided us with wheelbarrow loads of new songs before our next birthday (in my case in July and is one which I will most certainly not be celebrating). 
So I beseech you to hasten over to their Bandcamp page and make this fine E.P. your own.

1. Sunday Sweetheart
2. Pseudonym
3. East Of Eden
4. Jim Beam

My Bloody Valentine - London 2013

A fine set recorded last Tuesday at Hammersmith Apollo in London Town. I find the new songs the most interesting and keep replaying those although "Soon" still sounds particularly fine as well.
There was a rumor before the new album was released that there would be a new E.P. in the spring which according to the things attempting to grow in my garden is about now.

I Only Said 
When You Sleep 
New You 
You Never Should 
Honey Power 
Cigarette in Your Bed 
Only Tomorrow 
Come in Alone 
Only Shallow 
Nothing Much to Lose 
To Here Knows When 
Feed Me With Your Kiss 
You Made Me Realise 
Wonder 2 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

13 Closing Credits / Terror By Night cover art

This is the latest offering from the ever reliable Torpa. As usual it's available through his Bandcamp page on one of those pay what you want deals along with the rest of his superb back catalogue.

Advance Base - A Shut In's Prayer

This record has been out there almost a year now so naturally I have only just got a copy. Advance Base is Owen Ashworth's new project, (or at least it was last year) he of the (almost) legendary Casiotone For The Painfully Alone who have cropped up in these pages many times over the last nine years. Actually there is a new Casiotone record as well. Well not strictly new a it is a live album recorded back in 2010 and is available now through Orindal Records as is the Advance Base album "A Shut In's Prayer" which features ten brand new (ish) tracks from the mighty Ashworth who has clearly not lost his touch when it comes to penning a decent ditty. Ok here's the technical bit I'm sure you're all waiting for. The record comes on very attractive marble coloured  vinyl which apparently weighs 150 grams and is limited to 100 copies, or at least it was last year, you might be lucky to find one now. If there is a new record in 2013 I'll be sure and tell you all about it next year.
Advance Base will be playing at the Empty Bottle in Chicago on 30th March with Parenthetical Girls and Jimmy Whispers.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mazes - BBC 6 Music Session, 20th February 2013

Image for Mazes

1. Bodies
2. Dan Higgs Particle
3. Skulking

Prostitutes - Crushed Interior

Crushed Interior cover art

This is the new album from Prostitutes. It's called "Crushed Interior" and despite only being released on 7th March the black vinyl version has already sold out so you will just have to make do with the digital. You can stream/download the album from the Digitalis Recordings Bandcamp Page and you really should give this a go, preferably at ear splitting volume which I tend to do after every York City match at the moment. I find it helps numb the senses as the club slide ever closer to the relegation zone.