Friday, February 01, 2013

The Wind-Up Birds - Acting Thick For The Money (Volume Two)

Acting Thick for Money (volume 2) cover art

This is the second collection of bits and bats from Leeds band The Wind-Up Birds. The tracks on here come from the period before the release of their debut album "The Land" which was released last summer.
As the title suggests it's the second of these compilations, the first along with the rest of their back catalogue can be found inevitably on their Bandcamp page.

1. What's For Dinner
2. The Families Of The Disappeared
3. Spoils
4. Meet Me At The Depot (Original)
5. The Neutral Countries (Original Version)
6. Pig Fractions
7. This Bailiff's Bravado
8. The Craze That Never Caught On
9. Today Seems Staged
10. White Hair
11. We Fixed The Raffle

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