Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Four)

Northern Automatic Music

1. Panda Riot - Black Pyramids (Saint Marie)
I must admit I had completely forgotten about Panda Riot. They released an E.P. back in 2011 called "Far And Near" which was pretty splendid and was featured on this site. Since then nothing... or at least nothing has come my way. It will probably turn out that they released five singles and two albums last year and won Grammy awards left, right and centre. That's usually the way it works when I make a statement without doing any research at all which is most of the time and probably why you shouldn't believe a word I say. You can believe me however when I tell you the new Panda Riot album "Northern Automatic Music" is a bit of a treat for those of us who believe guitars exist to be tortured.

Angel-like Contraction Reverse cover art

2. Nac/Hut Report - Junkstarrr (Double Hallucinative)
This is the new single from Nac/Hut Report who have had us running for cover in the past. It's a double a-side digital thing which also features a track called "Bright Future" which doesn't appear on the new album "Angel-Like Contraction Reverse the cover of which can be studied above. The album has been issued by Double Hallucinative which according to Brigitte Roussel from the Nac's (as they are known in my house) is a small Polish label and probably need more investigation as this is their second release. Anyway the Nac Hut album can be downloaded here for a mere four euro's or purchased on CD from the Double Hallucinative website.

XAHA cover art

3. Mr Moccasin - Blue Light (Bleek)
This is a track from Mr Moccasin's debut album "XAHA" which was released last month on Bleek Recordings. XAHA in case your interested is the Russian spelling of the name Hanna who happens to be the singer in the band. I only know that because the press release told me so so please no comments in Russian. Mr Moccasin have also just released a single from the album. It's called "Cabana Boys (Birds Of Youth" and can be acquired for no more than $1 from their Bandcamp page.

4. The Orchids - Blue Light (Sarah)
It's a long while since I last played this record but in a fit of nostalgia last week it found itself spinning once again in all of it's ten inch vinyl glory. This is one of eight tracks on a mini album entitled "Lyceum" released back in 1989 on the legendary Sarah label. 

Motion Sickness of Time Travel / Imperial Topaz split cover art

5. Imperial Topaz - Periphery (Tranquillity Tapes)
Taken from the split cassette which they share with Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. It might be a bit tricky to find one however as there are only 150 and according to the Tranquillity Tapes website has sold out.

6. Golden Grrrls - Paul Simon (Night School)
I've been waiting patiently for this album for what must be ages. It's the debut long player from Glasgow band Golden Grrrls who have the enviable capability of being unable to record anything which lasts longer than three minutes. More bands should look at this idea because there are far too many overblown borefests out there. This record contains eleven tracks and clocks in at just under half an hour. By the way I should mention that the first two hundred vinyl copies will be delivered on brilliantly clear vinyl. The band are also on the road at the moment and I've just noticed that they have completed the UK leg including a gig at The Basement in York with Mazes and Sex Hands which happened last week while I was blissfully unaware. They are now embarking on a tour of the United States with Brilliant Colors and the brilliant Veronica Falls who I would pay good money to see shaking their collective asses on this side of the Atlantic.

Thought & Language
7. Dead Leaf Echo - Kingmaker (Neon Sigh)
This is a track from the new Dead Leaf Echo album "Thought And Language" which is released this very week. 

8. Popstrangers - Heaven (Carpark)
I'm probably the last person in the world to find out about Popstrangers. They released an E.P. a while back called "Happy Strangers" which I don't own and am possibly a bit poorer for the fact. In fact the first time the New Zealand band came into my life was yesterday when I heard their debut album "Antipods" which was released this week on Carpark Records and is pretty damn fine. Apparently the album was recorded in the basement of an old theatre in Mt Eden which sounds like a superb place to record or in fact do anything. "Heaven" is without doubt the most accessible track here what with that giddying (I think I just made that word up) chorus. Elsewhere on the record you will be treated to blasts of sonic warfare as well as more tender moments, the kind of practice Sonic Youth used to revel in in their early nineties period. All in all a very decent debut indeed.

In The Pool cover art

9. Wolfsburg Sweater - Airport (Self Released)
This rowdy little number comes from an E.P. entitled "In The Pool" which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page.

10. Dog Bite - Prettiest Pills (Carpark)
Taken from the album "Velvet Changes" which was released a couple of weeks ago on Carpark.

BG043 | London Bound cover art

11. Just Handshakes - London Bound (Bleeding Gold)
New digital single from Leeds band Just Handshakes. I have very little information about the band who circle about twenty miles to the south-west of my house other than there may be an album at some point this year and if that is the case I will be very happy indeed (unless they turn into some kind of U2 tribute band overnight).

12. Pleasure Leftists - Elephant Men (Katorga Works)
Another great release on Katorga Works is a new seven inch single from Pleasure Leftists. You can buy the wax here.

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