Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Three)

1. The Primitives - Lose The Reason (Elefant)
The Primitives follow up last years covers album "Echo's and Rhymes" with a brand new limited edition seven inch single which can be ordered from the Elefant Records website. Hopefully this will precede a new album of original material. Whether that is just wishful thinking I don't know but I do love this track.

2. Dead Leaf Echo - Memory Traces (Neon Sigh)
This is the first taste of the new Dead Leaf Echo album "Thought And Language" which will be released on Neon Sigh recordings on 5th March. It will be preceded by a seven inch single entitled "Birth" which you can pre-order here and will be dispatched at some point before the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to this one.

12 Noises In The Attic cover art

3. Torpa - Ben Marco's Dream (Self Released)
Another month, another new E.P. from Torpa. This one, his twelfth release is a four track affair entitled "Noises In The Attic" and can be downloaded from the Torpa Bandcamp page where if your new to all this gubbins you will also be able to find the other eleven releases.

EXTRA WORLDS cover art

4. LVLUP - Graveyard (Double Double Whammy)
This track is taken from a new seven inch E.P. from LVLUP called "Extra Worlds" which will be released on Double Double Whammy on 6th April.

Girl One And The Grease Guns SQRL34 Driving Without Headlights (Once Again)

5. Girl One And The Grease Guns - Driving Without Headlights [Once Again] (Squirrel)
A little bit mysterious this one. All we know about Girl One And The Grease Guns are that they consist of Sissy Space Echo, Warren Betamax, Charles Bronson Burner and Bruce LeeFax. The rumour is that they may include components from The Manhattan Love Suicides and The Blanche Hudson Weekend. On the other hand that could be a load of hooey. What is for certain though is that this is a fantastic single. This track "Driving Without Headlights (Once Again) makes up the a-side while on the other side you get an equally storming track called (I'm A) Willing Receiver". I don't know why but I do love song titles with brackets in them. Perhaps I should do a whole Fodder with bracketed songs, them again perhaps not. The single can be ordered from Squirrel Records of Leeds (i think) and will be released on 11th March. Apparently we will be hearing more from them later in the year. I just hope they release an album on which every song title has brackets!

6. Kloak x Kemst - Gwaan
This is a new track from Kloak, formerly known as EMU. This is one of five tracks sent to me last week but I don't know if or how they are going to be released or how you can get hold of them but I will try and find out and perhaps include some more tracks in these Fodders.

On Our Bottoms EP cover art

7. Phonoburbia - Fragile (Self Released)
Phonoburbia are a new band from Mendoza in Argentina. I don't know much about them to be honest but they have just issued their first E.P. on Bandcamp called "On Our Bottoms" and there will be an album before we are very much older.

8. My Bloody Valentine - New You (Self Released)
So rarely does a highly anticipated album actually deliver, especially one which we have been waiting for for no less than twenty one years. My Bloody Valentine have, as you will by now be well aware finally released the follow-up to their 1991 classic "Loveless". In fact I think the word classic doesn't do "Loveless" justice such is it's worth but how does the new record match up. Well clearly it's all going to be a matter of opinion but in mine "mbv" is superb. On first listen it sounds a little bit messy but then so did "Loveless" the first time I heard it. It's now been playing pretty much constantly in my house and I think it's safe to say it's pretty bloody special. I just wish I could get to a couple of their shows this year.

Electric Bird Noise: Desert Jelly

9. Electric Bird Noise - As The Glitter Glows (Silber)
Electric Bird Noise have just released a new album through the ultra reliable Silber label. As suggested in the press release it's not the dronefest we might have expected. It's actually a much easier listen than some of their previous work and is one of those album that you have to keep listening to right through to the end because you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. "Desert Jelly" is available now from Silber.


10. Trade - Half Nelson (Sheworks)
This is one of four tracks on a new twelve inch on Sheworks. Trade is a collaboration between Blawan and Surgeon and I think that information on it's own should be enough to have you scouring the internet or sprinting down the road in the hunt for that rarest of things, an independent record shop. 

Goddakk - III

11. Goddakk - Not Enough (Silber)
Brief and to the point. This is a track from a new E.P. by Goddakk which is another new release on Silber Recordings. It's part of their 5 in 5 series which involves the artist creating a five track E.P. which lasts no longer than five minutes. Goddakk manage this task with considerable aplomb as you would expect from someone as talented as Martin Newman best known for his work with Boston band Plumerai. You can download the "III" E.P. from the Silber Records website for just $1.

Various - Becket House

12. John Cunningham - One Way Mind (Porritts Hill Records)
This is a track from the 1990 compilation Becket House which also featured, and still does the likes of The Telescopes, Brighter, Pooh Sticks and The Durutti Column. I dug the record out earlier in the week during a session of spring filing and for some reason I don't remember this track at all. The real reason though for the inclusion of this track is so I can make an enquiry of you knowledgeable folks. The catalogue number on this record is "Phew 2" so what, if anything was Phew 1 and how do I get to hear it?