Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And One)

Cosmonauts - Cosmonauts image

1. Cosmonauts - Neon Kids (Permanent)

Coming fighting out of Orange County this is a track from Cosmonauts brilliant self titled album originally released back in 2010 on cassette but now, finally the good folk at Permanent Records have seen fit to re-issue the noisy bugger on vinyl. I don't think I heard it first time round when it was released via Burger Records but what a treat. The only slight problem is it really needs to be listened to at ear splitting volume which might result in some hearing loss but records like this are worth a bit of inconvenience. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that only five hundred and will be released on 26th February.

Raccoon 7" cover art

2. Zen Mystery Fogg - Raccoon (Kingfisher Bluez)
This is the a-side of a fine seven inch single which is available on the Kingfisher Bluez label.

Form in the Fog Beside cover art

3. Sad Souls - Form In The Fog Beside (Self Released)
The rather lengthy title track from a new E.P. which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.


4. Autechre - Prac-f (Warp)
Taken from the new album "Exai" which will be released on Warp Records on 4th March. It's not a particularly easy listen clocking in at a fraction over two hours across it's seventeen tracks. You can actually purchase the download now, details can be found on the Warp Records website. The vinyl version can only be described as heavyweight consisting of four slabs of 180 gram vinyl housed in a rigid slipcase with Cairn Eco Kraft stock with a clear foil block to front. Makes things happen downstairs does that!

5. Tape Deck Mountain - Kellies (Lefse/Mouca)

"Slow Salvation is the latest EP from Brooklyn via San Diego band Tape Deck Mountain. Recorded during principle member Travis Trevisan's last days in San Diego, Slow Salvation takes the listener on a dark journey through tales of love, loss, and death. Finally closing with a glimmer of hope on the epic 7 minute title track.
Established in San Diego, Tape Deck Mountain released their debut full length LP Ghost in 2009. Since then, Tape Deck Mountain has kept busy touring across the United States and performances at SXSW, San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival, CMJ, and NXNE among others.
Slow Salvation hits shelves March 12th stateside via Lefse Records and in Europe via Mouca Records. Stay tuned for Tape Deck Mountain's forthcoming sophomore LP slated for release sometime in 2013."

The Everchanging View

6. Scarlet Youth - Someday I'll Be Fine Again (Homesick Music)
This shimmering beauty is the last track on the wonderful new Scarlet Youth album "The Everchanging View" which was released last month.

Auto Body

7. Dual Action - Body Automatic (Hospital Productions)
This is the first of five tracks on a great new E.P. called "Auto Body" on Hospital Productions.

Lost Words & Memories cover art

8. June - Buzzed (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Lost Words And Memories" which can be downloaded in full further down this page.

HARD TIMES, GO! cover art

9. Beat Radio - Hurricanes, XO (Awkward For Life)
This is a track from the new Beat Radio album "Hard Times Go!" which will be released next week on digital download and very sexy red and clear vinyl which are obviously limited but to how many I have no idea.

10. Field Mouse - Tomorrow Is Yesterday (Self Released)
This is a new track from the Brooklyn band which has just this week been made available via their Bandcamp page.

Self Titled Cassette cover art

11. Klam - Gimme Black Metal (Self Released)
One of four tracks on a release cunningly entitled "Self Titled Cassette" which tells you everything you need to know ablot the release except that you can also download it in full from their Bandcamp page.

12. Palma Violets - Step Up For The Cool Cats (Rough Trade)
I first heard this track a couple of weeks ago on Tom Ravencrofts program on BBC 6 Music and ever since have been really looking forward to this record. It's the debut album from Palma Violets entitled "180" and will be released through Rough Trade on 25th February.

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