Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Re-Drum - Illegal Narcotic Ride

Illegal Narcotic Ride cover art

What a great record. It was released in December as a CD-R limited to just one hundred and fifty copies which have all now sold out. I 've always had a bit of a thing for records which use samples in the right way. My mind goes back to a particularly blinding album by Keith Le Blanc called "Major Malfunction" which was released sometime in around 1990 I think. If you've never heard that record you have missed a real treat and I'll try and find my copy at the weekend and possibly put a bit of it in a Fodder at some point.
 This is the first release I've heard from Re-Drum but it seems there was another album released last October on Recycled Netlable entitled "Hidden Dimension" which I'm going to need a copy of. 

1. Intro
2. The Genius Of The Crowd
3. E.B.E
4. So Many Stars
5. Riders
6. Lizard King (Dub)
7. Vapour Organic Beauty
8. Sweetness And Light (Re-Drum 33rpm Haze Remix)
9. They, All Of Them Know
10. Give Me Some Time
11. Neverending Trak
12. Edge Of The World


  1. Anonymous6:35 pm

    file not found

  2. Hmmm, not quite sure how that happened. Can only blame my own stupidness but should be ok now. This really is a great album!

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    1. Kris, that Keith LeBlanc release 'Major Malfunction' was recorded in 1986. I'm looking at the liner notes of my 2003 CD reissue on Cleopatra records. You're right about the proper placement of samples. This was a great release. Personal fave off of it was 'Object-Subject' Thanks & congrats on your 200th posting!